Volvo Says Concept Coupe Not Currently On Production Radar


You likely remember the Concept Coupe that Volvo showcased earlier this year. While Volvo claims it was more of a way to showcase their new design language, they hadn’t completely taken the idea of building it out of the cards.

Well, bad news. According to design manager, Anders Gunnarson, the Concept Coupe is currently no where on the company’s radar.

Jalopnik is reporting that Gunnarson said:

“For now, Volvo’s ‘cream’ is the new XC90. It is our focus 100 per cent. The XC90 represents what Volvo is exactly about – simplicity, trustworthiness, solidity, functionality and simplicity. It is the absolute Volvo. For us, the XC90 is the bolt that holds everything together. If you remove the bolt, everything falls apart. This car is a must and has to be a success – there is no going back, we cannot do it wrong.”

If you can ween your way past the PR jargon, you’ll notice that Gunnarson also didn’t completely discount the Concept Coupe altogether, he’s merely stating that there’s a lot riding on the new XC90 so that’s where they’re concentrating all their efforts. At least, that’s how I choose to look at it. Because really, who wouldn’t wanna see this thing reincarnated as the new C70?!



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