Walmart Anniversary Sale

Did you guys go to Walmart for the sales yet? I went there after work yesterday just to avoid the weekend crowd.

I didn’t get any Revlon lip products. 40% off was nice but I didn’t feel any of the colours that I didn’t already have. I hauled skincare instead.

I got the L’Oreal Skin Genesis Multi-layer Skin Strengthening Intensive Treatment (Night). It was 25% off, plus a $5 off coupon attached on the packaging.

Olay skincare was 40% off, so the Age Defying Protective Renewal lotion SPF15 came out about CAD7, not a bad deal. I wanted to explore a bit more with the Olay skin care line.

Neutrogena AntiOxidants line was 50% off. I found 2 different packagings on the night moisturizer. I pick the one that said Ageless Restoratives (Night), but couldn’t find it from Neutrogena website, don’t know why.

I also found the Olay Regenerist Eye Lifting serum with bonus Eye Makeup remover plus Anti-wrinkle treatment at clearance section for very cheap, couldn’t pass it, lol.

I found these sport-style watches for CAD8 each ($2 off regular price). Thought it might be fun to wear, and if I end up damaging it, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

I am really hard on my hands, always hit my arm somewhere and scratch the glass on the watch, bracelet, rings, etc. Last time when the battery died, I just gave up and don’t wear one since.

These look really cute IRL, I picked the red one for myself and the rest are gifts for my family, just for fun.

Here’s a close up on my watch so you could see a bit better of the details. My wrists are really small, so I can only pick a watch with small face.

Walmart is discontinuing some nice (and more expensive) watches, so they are on clearance at the jewelry section between CAD19 and CAD39. They were kept behind the glass, not in plain sight of course. I found a few styles that would suit my mom, but didn’t know which one to choose, so I had to talk to her first.

It has been a crazy cold day here. I dreaded so much having to go out, but Saturday is normally my running around day, so I had to. It felt like we cut summer short, skipped fall and went right into winter. Brrhhh…

Hope it’s nicer where you are. Send me some sun!

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