Want/Need: a satchel

L-A: Spring is here and I should be craving something less academicky than a satchel, but I can’t help myself. I want a satchel and I want/need it bad.  I think I’m convincing myself that it will be  the ideal accessory for starting a working girl life. But let’s be honest, I just think they’re cute.  So here’s the roundup of bags that I am loving at the moment:

Stripes. This should come as zero surprise that I’m all over a striped bag. Faves, and possibly what got me started on this is the Aldo Kreisher bag or the wee one from Asos:

Everywhere I look, I’m seeing the satchel style bag. And it’s making me want one more. I’m so effing susceptible to a good marketing campaign. I’m aware that it’s happening, but I can’t help myself – I just buy in to it. Hence my falling head over heels for the Kate Spade Essex Scout (both full size and mini):


Also, this one reminds me of being a Girl Guide, which is bonus points for the bag (especially with the coming cookie season. Anyone out there able to hook me up with a couple of boxes?)

I totally dig the brightly coloured satchel vibe Kate Spade has going on, same for this purple one by the Cambridge satchel company, which just make school satchels. And I do love purple.  I also enjoy the slightly more traditional (although, this one would be more exciting if it were canvas) look of the one I found at Asos:


I’m also digging on some of the higher end and largely unattainable satchels that I see famous ladies like Carey Mulligan toting around, like the PS1 (any size). I’d also accept a Mulberry Alexa bag if someone were desperate to buy me a fancy satchel style bag:

I actually thought about buying a cute satchel when I was in California, but decided that my next bag purchase had to be a bit more everyday.  I do love the Coach bag I bought (although, it will never fill the void of regret left by my decision not to purchase that Marc Jacobs in the spring) and it’s been one hell of an everyday bag, but I think it needs to take a rest during the summer. And a satchel should do the trick. If I get one, I’ll call it the summer of the satchel. Maybe I’ll get lucky and it’ll be the summer of the satchel and the saddle shoe. The alliteration means it really ought to happen.

Anyway, in honour of the arrival of “spring” this week (I still don’t believe in spring. Especially as I still have to wear a puffy coat most days), here’s a video on a Wednesday for you, courtesy of teenage L-A, who enjoyed this song in the mid-90s.

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Source: http://fashionablethings.com/2011/03/23/wantneed-a-satchel/

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