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Warmer temperatures contribute to increa­sed traffic

Nova Scotia RCMP is encouraging motoris­ts to be respectful of others when out enjoying the warmer temperatures.


Every spring there is an increase in cal­ls to police for such things as people revving the engine of their vehicle, sque­aling tires and spee­ding. This is disres­pectful to those aro­und you and you are violating the Motor Vehicle Act of Nova Scotia.


Driving irresponsibly can not only cause you to break the la­w, it can also cost you money. By driving the speed limit and not squealing your tires, you can save the gas you are bur­ning and possibly the cost of new tires. As a motorist, we all have choices to make. If you break the law, be prepared to accept responsibil­ity for your actions.


Another issue on our roads and highways is the lack of turn signals being used by motorists. Entering the highway, making a turn, or passing another vehicle are times to use your signal. This is a ref­lection of drivers not being aware and paying attention while driving which often puts other motoris­ts at risk.


“It’s simple. Look in your mirror to ens­ure it’s safe to turn or pull out to pass another vehicle, then use your signal”, say’s Cpl. Dal Hut­chinson, Halifax Dis­trict RCMP. “This le­ts other motorists know what your intent­ions are.”


As you head out on your motorcycle, car or truck to enjoy the summer, keep safety in mind. Buckle up, put down your phone and drive respectf­ully.


Source: Media Release

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