We are Connected Postponed

Recently in the my life I have seen more and more how important it is to build community and to build frienships in the off line world as well.

Networking, blogging, tweeting all work together to help us get to our goals.

For some blogging is for fun, and for some it is to promote others or a brand. Bloggers all have different reasons for why they write. For me it was about sharing what I was learning on this journey called life. It was and is also a great outlet and for me a great way to build a community.

Well this got me thinking about how we use our blogs. It also got me thinking about the #halifaxchicks. The #halifaxchicks is a Tweet Up in Halifax of women who are active on Twitter who look to build a network of friends and community. They are a great group who are community minded women. They have worked together to raise thousands for a local charity, and many great friendships have come from the tweetups. Well I thought we could do likewise here. Just recently by using my own blog and twitter along with others we were able to help the residents of 200 Wellesley quickly and effectively even raising money and getting much-needed donations on a timely basis. Our blogs and our twitter accounts can be used for more than just sharing about our families, about a brand or two, they can be used to help build better stronger communities.

So I am inviting you to join me soon as we gather together to build community. I want your input and ideas. What would you like to see of a community building tweet up?? What times work best?

Would you want to hear a speaker?

Would you be willing to pay to go to the tweet up or does free work better?

Do you want it in an enviroment where you can by food?

Should it be for women only or do we include the great blogging men as well?

Please leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts. I am here and want to listen.

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