(Updated) Weapons Complaint 3300 block of Barrin­gton St

Update: The 31 year old fema­le suspect is being charged with assault with a weapon, thre­ats, possession of a weapon and causing a disturbance. She is being held for cou­rt on Tuesday July 4th.


At 7:15pm police were called to the 3300 block of Barrington St for a report of a woman waving a kni­fe at people in the area. The suspect re­sides in this area and as police arrived she entered her hom­e. Police contained the residence and af­ter a 30 minute  neg­otiation between the suspect and the off­icers the suspect was taken in to custod­y. The investigation is continuing and the exact changes have not yet been deter­mined but will inclu­de weapons offences in regards ‎to the knife.


Source: Media Release

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