Wedding nail art

It’s a day for recovery around here lol after a day of wedding venture yesterday. My sister’s husband is from out of town, so after the ceremony early afternoon at my parents’, we accompanied her to his house for another ceremony (it’s the tradition, don’t ask me why we need 2 ceremonies). It took about 2 hours to get there, then the ceremony, the banquet, and then 2 hours back. Today will be the party from our side of family, another banquet, lol.

One of the things I love at home is the very inexpensive beauty service industry. Me, my sister and my cousin went to have our nails done and drawn on, our hair washed, blown dry and styled and the cost was like $15, I’m not kidding. Well, it wasn’t a air-conditioned place (which is a con, as it’s steaming hot around here), and it’s small, but I was very happy with the services. And with that price, I don’t even know how to start praising them.

Let me show you the nail arts (all done by hand, no stamping). Please turn away if you don’t want to see feet and toe nails, lol, as I’m showing them all. And as always, you can click on the pictures for larger views.

My sister’s bridal nail art
I wasn’t sitting near my sister when they did her nails, so I have no idea how the girl did the flower patterns, but I was told it was simply the work of 1 little brush and the girl’s talented hand 🙂

This wasn’t just a boring paint job, the petals have light and dark effects, and then the stem and everything. I’d call this painting, not just drawing.

Maybe it was just me who hadn’t had many experiences with nail art, but to me, this is beautiful.

My cousin’s and her mom’s

And mine

I was already in love with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Celeb City through swatches but it is breathtaking IRL. The girl did an awesome job painting the colour on my nails, extremely thin layers (which I don’t think I could immitate) and insanely opacity. And when she brought out the brush with the smallest tip I had ever seen, I was in awe. She started to draw on the squirly/ flowery pattersn, and I couldn’t stop staring at my nails. For the toes, she used a larger brush, getting some white colour on 1 side and black on the other side and swirled, lol. I left the place so happy.

And it has been more than 2 days, not a single chip. I would go take a nail painting class if I could have enough time here. Just the technique of doing thin layers is already hard, as her 3 layers were about as thin as my one single layer, lol.

I should stop now before boring you all with words. I’m honestly in love with the work the girl did, and with such price, I’d probably go back every few days for new art 🙂

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