weekend escapery, part 4

I can’t believe it has taken me all week to post about my Saturday adventure. Too many pretty sights not to share…

This is Mahone Bay, a popular town about one hour away from Halifax. Known for it’s three beautiful churches along the water’s edge and a of boat building. There are some really gorgeous interesting houses and colours here.

Queen Anne’s Lace another favourite wild flower of mine:)

Chester is next on the trail home…can you see the photographer?

I would love to live here. A charming community that has a lovely old fashioned laziness to it. My best friend’s mom grew up here and I used to spend lots of time at her Grandmother’s house in the summer. I guess that’s why I have such a sof spot for it. Lots of happy memories.

Having said that, it is also home to many wealthy families who come from the United States and other places just to spend a few weeks here each summer in their luxurious”cottages. I can definitely understand the appeal!

We stopped for supper here at Nicki’s Inn. An airy open fresh restaurant with DELICIOUS food.

And of course, dessert! Pavlova:)

The end of a perfect day with my mum~! Queensland beach…………

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Fred Kilcup at the new Farmer’s Market

Chris Jagger: The Younger Brother