Weekend haul

Here’s the weekend haul that I briefly mentioned in one of the previous posts. The purpose again is not to brag but to let you know what’s on sale out there, in case you are looking for the same things.

Winners was a bit quiet recently, as I didn’t see many new beauty products on the shelves.

I found some Physician Formula products which normally are in the range of $15 or more.
– Plumping Lip Gloss palette in Mauves, CAD4.99
– Cream-to-Powder Cheek palette in Rose, CAD4.99
– Multi-colored Eyebrightener in Hint of Bronze, CAD4.99
– Pearls of Perfection blush in Blushing Nude, CAD6.99.
Not bad prices huh?

There were a few other items too, but I opted for these, as they all had some kinda special effect, not just the ordinary. Especially the pearls, reminded me of a more expensive version which you guys all know about 🙂 If it works just as well, and lower price tag, I’m in.

I found more Goldies’s, lol, a better deal than the previous packages. The old ones had 3 bottles, sold for CAD5.99, and these new ones had 8 bottles (same size) at CAD9.99. The second picture is of the same 2 sets, just to show you the colours on the back side. Some of the bottles lost the little white bows which I don’t understand, as the boxes were sealed. Hmm…

At Claire’s, I found Chunky Gold at the “10 for $10” corner. That was a big surprise, as the “Chunky” collection was just released not so long ago. Other chunky ones were still full price though. I’ll keep an eye on them, lol.

The rest, from L-R: Yellow Brick Road, Emerald City, Under the Sea and Red Slippers. These are famous polish shades from Claire’s based on what I saw on nail blogs, I don’t know why they ended up in clearance for CAD1. Well, my wallet was sure happy.

Other miscellaneous stuff in the “10 for $10” loot:
– Footed tights, love the prints. They weren’t winter-thick, so I’ll have to wait till it’s warmer to wear them.
– Bath fizzies, different colours and shapes, for Squirt
– Body Shimmer with a built-in brush. I didn’t have much expectation on this one, but thought it was fun to play around with.
– Snowflake earrings. The earring shelves were a little sad, I only found one pair that I liked.

Oh, did you know that you don’t have to purchase a multiple amount of 10’s with this deal? So many times I shopped at the “10 for $10” corner, I had to count the items to see whether I was at 10’s or had to make to 20’s. The staff told me any items (from that corner of course) after the 10th’s one is CAD1. Duh! That would make things a lot easier, wish I knew that before, lol.

Did you do any good haul last weekend?

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