Weekend Pick: Halifax Crafters

AllyG: Although I am still recovering from our birthday party on Thursday, I woke up this morning determined to have a productive day. It was decided that after BabyG’s nap, the two of us would set out to Halifax Crafters. There is an exact science to leaving the house with a baby. You have about an hour’s grace period before sh*t could hit the fan. I have to make sure BabyG is rested, fed and changed and then we rush out the door faster than one of Paris Hilton’s one-night-stands. Baby was in good spirits today, so I brought my hotsling and off we went.

We got there just as it opened which meant there was room to walk around before it got crowded. Since I love you readers so very much, I decided to document my faves.

I think this one is really going places. Here we have L-A with her sock monkeys. I urge you to purchase one of these. There are three sock monkeys at my house. BabyG loves his (which we call Sockie the Sock Monkey). L-A informs me that she went to bed at 5am this morning, she looks fantastic so I think she is lying. Either that or she has the box of wine that reader Ivy gave to us hiding under her table.

Here’s Lynds who reps Lou Lou Bell, one of my favourite local businesses. A couple of years ago I purchased two makeup bags from Lou Lou Bell and gave them to my sisters-in-law for Christmas. You can also use them as a pencil case if you are a geek like me, or for a flask if you are a lush like L-A. Lyndsay has added a few new things to her line including pillows and hair clips and elastics, both of which I heart:

The packaging is adorable. I’d buy it just for that.

These throw pillows are perfect to brighten up your bedroom (and add some spice! Kidding, I don’t know if they would do that. Depends on what you’re into. Pillow fighting with awesome pillows?).

The next booth I hit up was Cotton Candy Cupcake. 20,000 points for the name selection. I purchased a pair of earrings from this artist last year and I have gotten so many compliments on them. I tell people I made them myself. Ha! I am joking! I joke!

I can’t find the photo I took so I am stealing one from her site. I hope she’s ok with that. First off, this photo is awesome. Anyone who uses Barbie to sell their wares is a winner in my book. Seriously. If Tiger Woods had had a news conference using Barbies to illustrate how sorry he was I would have cried in sorrow for the pain we have all put him through. BARBIES MAKE EVERYTHING OK.

About the earrings. They are lightweight, easy to wear, colourful and a lot of fun. Completely brighten up an otherwise bland outfit. More photos can be found here.

I was excited to see Orphanage Clothing had a few racks of clothes on display. I really, really love their stuff.

I believe this is Kim Munson, the face of Orphanage. If it is not, I am a seriously crappy blogger. I was focusing too much on the shirt behind her…could I?…seriously?…no!…I couldn’t! …I don’t even like Metallica!….


Oh, snap. I did.

My husband asked me if I also purchased a Trans Am. I don’t even know what that is.

I ran into Robyn from ShiBang designs. If you attended our party, you may recall seeing the adorable change purse from her collection. She’s really sweet, we’d love to feature her stuff again in the fute.

I’ll be the first to say that I am the crappiest photographer to ever take photos (even worse than the 15 year olds who take self-portraits on MySpace), but do you not lurve that purse next to Robyn? Lurve.

Speaking of self-portraits!

I know. Excuse the photo, just look at the necklace. I purchased this from Trudi Smith, the woman behind Double Happiness Designs. Trudi’s other claim to fame is that she is married to our Official Favourite Male Reader, Martin! Martin is so lucky, he can wear any of these fab necklaces anytime he wants!

The necklaces are made so that you can adjust the length of the ribbon. The card that Trudi provided with my necklace states that the, pendant is handmade entireley from paper including Chiyogami from Japan. There were gorgeous notebooks as well as some photo albums that I may need to purchase to hold the ever-growing BabyG shots. I stole the below photo from Double Happiness Designs website:


BabyG was getting restless at this point, so we had to make our exit. If you head to the show this weekend, let us know what you bought. Send photos! Tell us your faves! Lend us your outfits!

Ally xo

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