Weekend Wrap-Up: October 8-10

Weekend Wrap-Up: October 8-10

It’s shaping up to be a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend! We’re thankful to be able to share such a full events calendar , there is so much to do both in and out of the city this long weekend. 1. Tomorrow you can participate in Breathing Empathy , a joint venture of the Empathy Factory and Breathing Space yoga studio. It’s being held outside in DeWolfe Park, Bedford. 2. What’s more fun than fingerpaint and play dough? Take your kids to the All Natural Art Workshop and let them explore organic play dough and organic glossy finger paints. 3. Need some help cooking your turkey? Check out our blog for some Turkey Help! 4. When the cold night air fills your lungs and you can’t stop shivering, we dare you to wander through the woods of the Haunted Hollow at 1561 Hammonds Plains Road. We promise it will be one of the most terrifying thrills you have ever experienced!!! 5. The Maritime Fall Fair is here! Something for everyone; dog show, midway thrills, show jumping, draft horses and more!

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