Welcome Eli “Mini Wheats” Fraser

Welcome Eli “Mini Wheats” Fraser

We have had an exciting few months here at This Needs to Stop. Our very own Amy Wheaton announced that she and her husband Peter were expecting their first baby. The lovely Ms. Creamer had recently become engaged. And in other news, Joel and I have been banned from two more Michael’s craft stores.

Today marks a very special day for us, as we welcome Amy and Peter’s baby boy, Eli, to the world. This is the first baby for us at TNTS and we couldn’t be more excited. And in honour of this very important day, we wanted to share some words of wisdom with Eli. We want to make sure he gets started on the right foot.

1. You have really great parents, and that makes your pretty damn lucky (p.s.: it’s ok that I said damn, your mom told me that I can swear in front of you for at least the first year).

2. Sometimes you are going to fall down, but that’s ok, because there are going to be a lot of people here cheering for you, and we will always make sure you get back up.

3. Owls are cool, you will understand this one when you get home.

4. Your mom is going to write about you on her blog, and so are we. But don’t worry, we will try to save the really embarrassing stuff for your birthday parties and other public events.

5. Friends are the best thing on this planet, so make lots, early and often.

6. Your father will teach you all you need to know about video games, so have fun!

7. As soon as you’re old enough to think about it, you’re going to think adults are really old and really weird. But here’s something you should know: adults, even your parents, feel like they’re still kids. True story.

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