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We’re gathering content for this section. Our idea is to have at least one individual page for each of the thirteen communities we serve along the Prospect Road. If you are someone who would like to contribute information about your community, please email tech@prospectcommunities.com

Located just minutes away from the city, there are beautiful Bed & Breakfasts speckled along the main artery and side roads – the owners are the sweetest people in the world and create the most incredible atmosphere to rejuvenate both body and soul.

Long winding roads make it a delightful trip – never boring – with many cute little shops and restaurants along the way.

The scenery is absolutely breathtaking – from lakes and oceans, boats and lighthouses, to animals and wooded wilderness.

The views are astonishing, and completely inspiring. There are many boat launches and recreational spots for you to enjoy – including walking and hiking trails, parks, golfing (mini-putt to 18 hole course), swimming spots, and skating spots.

Be sure to bring good company, your favorite driving music, and a camera (plus extra batteries!)




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