We’re Five!

L-A:  Guess what you guys? We turned five today!



I know. We don’t look a day over four.

But it’s true. We’ve been blogging since it was a little bit weird to say you had a blog.

Since Obama’s first trip to Europe (it was good one) and blogging for us was “cut and paste your tweets”. Since we thought we could actually blog five days a week. It’s been 833 posts, 266 ridiculous categories (which kills the librarian husband’s soul a little), and 3,818 comments from all y’all. All for endless talk about our hair, celebrities we love and hate (still hate you Andie MacDowell), random style icons, French Figure Skating judges,  and crappy pop videos (so. many. crappy. pop. videos.).

I know that the past year has been a rough one, what with moves, new babies, new houses, and we haven’t been blogging like we used to. The year kind of looked like this for us.




But we still want to thank everyone who’s been with us for the past five years. Husbands, friends, interns, guest bloggers (also, to the random guest bloggers who email us: it’s still no. No you can’t write for us and fill posts with links to whatever) and readers. If we could give all of you boxes of wine, we would!

juice boxes

Also big ups to Haligonia and Stylelist Canada for thinking we’re rad. And Joel Plaskett, because we did totally steal the name from his song. So thanks for that Joel! We probably would have been “Ally and L-A’s Totally Rad Fashion Blog” if it weren’t for you.

Click here to view the embedded video.

No idea what will happen over the next five years, but it’s pretty damn rad we made it to five.


Ally: I too dedicate this birthday to all the rando guest bloggers who want to write about second-hand cars on our blog. Tempting for sure when we haven’t written a post in weeks, but L-A is right. No.


As we enter into the second half of our thirties (OMG), we’re looking forward to sharing all kinds of fun thoughts and information on things like wrinkle cream, botox…actually, fuck it, I’m still going to talk about crop-tops at Coachella well into my eighties.


Thanks for sticking by us. We promise more content from now on. Because we’re like the Amy and Tina of the Canadian blogging world and you NEED US.


P.S. It’s still you and not me, Blake Lively

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