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we’re moving

What does viewing 29 houses in 3 days look like? So far, like this:

we’re moving

See that nice little stack of papers sitting on top of my agenda?

we’re moving

Those are the 29 good’ers that I narrowed it down to. 29 houses in 3 days with 2 days to spare for second viewings and writing up the deal. I’m still in shock that I need to decide on which one we want within just a few days of seeing ALL those homes. Talk about overwhelming.

Point of this post? If my updates are a little infrequent it’s because this week I’ll be packing whatever our family needs in order to survive living in a hotel for seven days then the following week we’ll be house hunting everyday.

Stressed? Not at all….it’s not like I’ve cried every day for the past 3 days or anything.

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we’re moving

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