WetnWild Craze Collection

A while ago, I mentioned my dream of WetnWild Craze collection. I knew nothing about it except for the promotional picture on the website but loved it already. The colours were so summer-y and the bottles were cute, with pattern on the caps, very different. Also, I like the brand for its reasonable price and good quality. The release date is around July/ August, and I was constantly stalking twitter to see if anyone spots it in store yet. And Scrangie did, more than a week ago. It is not helping that her review on the polish was very positive 🙂 She even thought they were better than some of the high end $20-something polish brands. Imagine that! Read more about how good they are from the link above. Anyone that loves colours and nail polish would be itching to grab a few bottles, I guarantee you that.

This post is mainly to let you all know about this obsession of mine, lol, and it’d be lovely to hear from any of you who have posessed these babies. Just wish the collection would come to Canada soon (if WetnWild releases it in Canada at all – I’m not sure). Or the bf will have to haul them for me when he’s in the States. I normally prefer doing beauty shopping by myself, but in circumstances like this, he’ll have to do it 🙂 He did it once before when I went crazy and wanted some makeup from the US. Wanna see what I made him buy?

I checked out sales at both Walgreens and Ulta, picked out the BOGO deals I wanted and gave him a list. He brought back:
– Ulta Gift of Colour Blockbuster (the silver box with red bow at the bottom)
– HIP shadows (Guilded, Gun Metal, Playful, Saucy, Shady, Lively) – I think he got 1 colour wrong
– Jane Blusing Cheeks Blushes, Shimmering Bronzer, Liquid Lip Color, “Be Pure” Mineral Lip Balm, “Be Pure” Mineral Gel Eyeliner and Eye Zing Mix & Match Eye Shadow palettes
– NYC Sparkle Eye Dusts
– Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Lip Gloss and Diamond Lip Treatment
– EcoTools Bamboo 5-piece brush set
– Almay Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover
– Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadows
You can tell with a haul like that, I was happy as a clam 🙂 Love him!

Sorry, I got a little side-tracked there. Didn’t mean to brag or anything, just to make a point that there are a lot of makeup products we don’t have in Canada, or if we do, they are more expensive and harly go on sale BOGO – except a few crazy sale at Shoppers that I blogged about. So you can understand why it’s very easy to go overboard when I have a chance.

Hope you have a good weekend so far. It was sunny out yesterday, rained on and off today, but warm. I won’t complain, as we only have about 3 months of warm weather, and the winter is always too quick take over for the rest of the year. Watch out for my shopping post tomorrow, I have some surprise finds!

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