Wham, Bam Tim Tam Slam

AllyG: I interrupt this fashion blog with URGENT NEWS. Did you people know that they are now selling TIM TAMS at The Superstore? WHO KNEW?! Honestly I am so excited about this news that you all could be sauntering around wearing garbage bags and extensions in your hair and I WOULD NOT SAY A THING.

Behold the wonder:


I love Tim Tams so much that if a Tim Tam had walked into the chapel whilst I was getting married and objected to my nuptials I would have had to stop for a minute and contemplate. I love them that much. I am truly lucky that Mr Tim Tam did not interrupt my wedding and indeed it was my husband who made such a brilliant discovery this past weekend. I am now sitting at  my computer with my tea and my Tim Tam(s) and I am truly in heaven.

First off, I want to thank everyone who is reading. It never ceases to amaze me that even one person reads this blog (Hi, L-A!) nevermind hundreds of sassy ladies. We love writing this, and we’re truly having so much fun. Let us know what you like or dislike and we will hopefully keep you entertained and looking good. [L-A: I wholeheartedly second this! When we log in to WordPress and it tells us we have 100+ people looking at the blog, we are astounded that it’s not just our closest friends and our husbands reading this.]

I believe it is time in our relationship to take the next step. We’re going to talk about a serious love of mine (besides Tim Tams). Yes, it’s time for us to talk about Moda by Ozlem otherwise known as the greatest accessories on the planet.

The website needs a little love, but as a small business owner Ozlem has more of an excuse then Kensie. Here’s a Youtube clip about her designs. Can you believe Beyonce wore her earrings?! CRAZY!


Beyonce also appears to be wearing a dress from one of her mother’s “designs”. That’s a whole other mess post.

Can I just insert here that Ozlem is from Bedford? Mmmhmm to those of my girls that look down on me for living in the suburbs.

Unfortunately, I cannot find examples of her designs online to share with you, although the video gives you a good sense of her style of design. She goes big and bold, but with class. Her designs can be paired with jeans and a white shirt (especially some of her more colourful necklaces – seriously, you need to check them out, they are INSANE) or with a LBD. Hubby got a pair of her earrings for me for Christmas and I adore them. They are black and gold beaded hoobs and I swear I feel like Beyonce a little bit when I wear them. Without the dance moves. Or the body. Or the voice.

You can buy Moda by Ozlem at All Dressed Up in Bedford (note: I said, BEDFORD), and I believe she has a stall at the Market on Saturdays. I’ve emailed her to see if we can get some photos and more information so hopefully she’ll write us back!

Go check out her stuff, and also cause I love you, here’s Natalie Imbuglia showing you how to do a Tim Tam Slam

I know, right?

L-A: I had no idea I was holding back on y’all. I feel like the worst friend ever.  I’ve known about the Tim Tam and it’s slam for some time now. They’ve been in at the Superstore (at least the one on Barrington St) since last summer.  My girl J.Lau did a year abroad in Australia when she was in high school and she introduced me to the Tim Tam (and slam) ages ago.  Pepperidge Farms makes them for the US market and they are spot on in their marketing when they registered the site ilovetimtamscookies.com.  (An aside, I read about a blogger who was sent a box full of Tim Tams. How do bloggers do this? Because if anyone wants to send us giant boxes of Tim Tams, then by all means do!).  And while I’m not sure I’m ready to crush a Tim Tam for a recipe, this Tim Tam Thickshake does sound delish.

But moving on from cookies and onto jewelry, I’m going to give a solid two thumbs up for Moda by Ozlem. My only complaint is that I wish I could see more photos! Mind you, her earrings do look a bit large for my taste (I’m not much for wearing earrings, big or small), but they look awesome on Beyonce and on Ozlem. I searched high and low on the internet for shots of other celebs sporting Ozlem’s wares and I think I found a shot of her earrings on actress Sophia Myles:


From what I can see, that’s the same hairdo and earrings as in the small photo of Myles on Ozlem’s page. Here’s another shot of those earrings:


(p.s. that is totally Billy Elliot with her in that photo)

Anyway, props to Ozlem for the great pieces. She’s clearly getting the recognition she deserves: she was a finalist for the 2009 Halifax Business Awards Small Business of the Year. If she sends us pics, we will totally do a second post, just so y’all can get a better glimpse of her stuff.  And props to Bedford for being such an unknown style hub. I had no idea that the suburbs were so stylish! (okay, I knew it had to be a bit stylish if Ally is out there).  But that’s because I don’t have a car and it takes me three days by horse drawn carriage about an hour by bus.

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