What Are the Real Chances of Online Casino Wins With No Money?

Some would say there is no better way to try your luck than with a No-Deposit Bonus on one of Canada’s top gambling websites. This type of offer allows players to enrol on a legal website and play for a while with casino credits instead of real money. When you get this promotion, you also have some chances of winning, just as you have for any regular casino game. 

Although the chances of winning big might not be the same, the overall odds of getting money for two or three lunches are not surreal. Let’s understand the actual odds and what is worth it in an online casino. 

Multiple data sources show most gamblers open accounts special for No-Deposit Bonuses. But they had to use about six bonuses from six different platforms to win.

Where does the data come from?

Casinobonusa.com conducted a survey with multiple questions for their customers and sustained the argument above. They asked 390 Canadian gamblers a series of questions about the number of bonuses they received and how many of them cashed out. 

Furthermore, they discovered that the average rollover for this type of bonus is around C$25.2. You can find an odds calculator on their article page that shows results according to their survey findings and inside knowledge. 

There are other sources, such as Statista or other casino comparison websites, that exhibit similar results. The critical point is that the odds are not against you, but if it’s simply not your day, don’t try and retry on other platforms. 

Give yourself at least 2-3 weeks between opening another account to use another No Deposit Bonus. Mind how much time you invest in casino games, and ensure you pay more attention and put enough effort into your other hobbies. 

Pros and Cons of No Deposit Bonuses for Canadians

The first positive aspect is that you don’t pay to play. You play for free for a limited amount of time. You don’t have to invest your money just to try and see what’s up with online casinos. 

You are exempt from filling in bank details, in general. Internet casinos know that bank details are not required when a player opens an account to benefit from a No Deposit bonus. Be aware that some will still need your card details. If you don’t feel like giving personal data, simply choose another casino with a similar offer. 

The negative aspects relate more to gambling addiction. Although there isn’t enough data about the direct correlation between No Deposit Bonuses and gambling addiction, there is still a chance, given the game’s nature. 

Can you use the No Deposit Bonus in Ontario? 

Gamblers with residency in Ontario are unable to be informed of any bonus from advertising on other sites. The local laws forbid affiliate gambling websites from promoting bonus pages in any way. They have to restrict people’s access to those pages and use advanced software to ensure that they won’t change their location with a VPN or other methods. 

No Deposit Bonus Classes

No-Deposit Promotions define a category more than a singular type of offer. Casinos think of promotions through marketing strategies, so it is common to see different types from the same bonus category. 

  • No Deposit Free Play – This bonus refers to a period in which you can play, usually slots, for free.
  • No Deposit Bonus Free Bet – The online betting platform offers you a certain amount of money to wager after you register on their platform. 
  • Free Spins No Deposit – This is the most common No Deposit Real Money bonus. It grants you access to a specific slot game and a predetermined number of free spins. For example, you can get 30 free spins at Mega Moolah after filling in all the requirements. Some casinos will divide the 30 spins for three days, meaning you’ll get ten free spins each day.

Tips on picking the most suitable No-Deposit Bonus

The first step is to pick a casino with a valid Canadian license that works in your area. There are plenty of listing pages with multiple casinos and their offers. So you can also research those and compare offers, terms and conditions and whatever aspects you find helpful. 

It would be best if the chosen casino had easy-to-read and comprehensive Bonus Terms & Conditions. You must follow the bonus’s rules every time you get one. But when the casino’s employees write them in a complicated manner, you will likely only lose time with that platform. Pay attention to the bonus page as well; peak to see if they offer other types of offers and what rules they have. 

Reliable customer service should be on the priority list. You need a good support service if you have transactional problems or questions without an answer in their FAQ section. A top casino must be able to offer you at least seven types of payment methods and a fast transactional time. Some have more crypto and e-wallets for this exact reason, to allow you to withdraw fast and secure your winnings. 

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