What do you Remember?

What do you Remember?

Poppies © by Moyan_Brenn


Today is Veterans Day here in Canada, we stop at 11 am to remember and honor those who have served. What do you remember?

I remember as a child sitting with my grandfathers who served in WW2 and listening to the few stories they would tell. I remember the pictures of the plane and ship that hung proudly on the wall. I remember going to the parades and watching them march.

I remember meeting my step father and his stories of the Korean War. I remember too he served.

I remember my cousins who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. They want democracy and peace there too.

I remember many a Warriors Day at the Ex, we had to go and pay respect.

I remember wearing a poppy every year out of respect.

I remember why each of them went, why each of them served, they did it as did the thousands of others so that we could be free, so we could have the life we wanted.

What do you remember today?

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