What Does $100 Buy At Walmart Canada?

On Thursday May 2nd, Walmart Canada declared it the national day of savings for stores across Canada and they challenged a group of us bloggers from across Canada to see what we could buy for $100.

Well I shop quite regularly at Walmart as it is the store at the end of my street. Really it is my corner store.

So what was my challenge since I am job hunting I decided to get outfits I could wear for work and since I work in Social Media I need everything from a dress to casual pants and tops. I took part in the challenge at the Dufferin Mall Walmart.

As soon as I got to the store I noticed prices that are absolutely great for basics.

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So I wandered through to the plus section were I was able to find everything I needed for a back to work wardrobe on a budget.

So what does a $100 buy a mom on a budget?

IMG 0305 e1367794894432 224x300 What Does $100 Buy At Walmart Canada?


Bought were:

2 dresses one black and one blue $5 (clearance)and $16 = $21

2 pair of pants one black dressy pair and one grey and casual $25 and $5 = $30

2 t-shirts, one purple and one green = $16

1 pair of sandals = $29

= $96

Since I shop at Walmart frequently this was an easy challenge for me, infact since Thursday I updated my office for $40 with a new desk from Walmart for $36, and bought few things to update my kitchen for under $10 but more on them another day.

How would you spend $100 at Walmart and how far could you stretch yours?


* I did receive a $100 Gift Card from Walmart Canada to participate in the challenge but was not compensated any further and as always my opinions are my own.



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