What goes where?

What goes where? Recycling in HRM just got easier!

As of September 1, HRM residents can recycle all plastic containers in a blue bag.

This means all yogurt, margarine, and ice cream containers, ketchup, beverage containers and detergent bottles can now go in the blue bag for recycling. Just make sure they are clean, empty and to put all the caps in the garbage. Styrofoam will also go in the garbage.

This enhanced program will make it easier to recycle – no need to look for the numbers on the bottom of plastic containers. It will also divert waste from our landfill – protecting our environment.

Recycled plastics can be used to create a variety of useful products including carpet, clothing, pencils  and even chairs.

For more information on “What Goes Where,” visit www.halifax.ca/recycle or call 490-4000.

Source: http://www.bedfordbeacon.com/what-goes-where

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