When I travel I literally want to bring everything I own, but I also know that’s not possible.

So when you travel as much as I do (lately) you kind of need to get it down to a science to minimize stress. A lot of time I choose products that double up like say a bronzer with a highlight that can be used as an eye shadow. I know genius right? Here’s a few more of my tricks for easy hauling…

How cute is this backpack above? I’ll be stuffing it with my laptop, headphones, and other electronics, andddddd everything you see listed below.


I use brozner all year round to help keep up the appearance of a healthy glow, but if you’re going to lug it with you, you might as well make it work over time right? As I mentioned above I love using bronzer with highlights as eye shadow when I’m in a pinch. I love the “beautiful color highlighter” from Elizabeth Arden with it’s multi colors you can create an entire eye look from the lid, under the brow, and even some contouring in the crease! Love it.
We all know I’m the laziest of the lazies, so I need me some dry shampoo. Two of my favorites are the Moroccanoil (read full review here), and the Klorane that make specific dry shampoos for dark hair. My hair is light at the ends, but is still dark at the roots, and I find these ones to be best. Klorane is available at Urban Outfitters Canada, and Sephora US.


Traveling on a plane can realllllllly dry out your skin, and I loveeeee that Avene makes a travel size of their thermal water! This product is ah-mazing! Not only does it re-hydrate the skin, and creating that dewy look it’s also great if you need to soothe your skin for any reason, say for instance you have facial redness, a sunburn, razor burn, blistered feet this product is really great for a multitude to skin aliments.


Again I adore any product that does double duty. Annabelle cosmetics has a wide range of duo products from eyeliner + mascara combos to brow + highlighter ($4.95) combos , and even a BB Cream to Powder Compact that make traveling SUPER easy. 


You know that I love EOS lip balms for travel! These little guys are SO easy to find in your bag, and I love that the new “Visibly Soft” collection contains hyaluronic acid, “a naturally-occuring compound, to increase hydration and promote smooth, healthy-looking lips, so naturally these little guy is coming with me. 


I’m not normally a wipes kind of girl as they can be kind of wasteful, but when I’m traveling sometimes I’m just too zonked when I get back to the hotel to scrub everything off and do the whole thing. Not to mention I wear A LOT more makeup during fashion week, so it can be a job and a half to get myself back to normal again, so I’ma gunna need all the help I can get.


I typically curl my hair with my curling wand, but truth be told I have some fine fly aways around mt face that typically need taming. I love the idea this travel-sized straightener from Moda Bam Bam   ($47.00 via www.beautyroute.com). Did you know you can smooth out wrinkles on your shirts and/or dresses when you’re in a pinch while traveling? A flat iron can’t replace a regular clothes iron (duh), but it can be great for touch ups!


I love a good matte lipstick and the packaging on these Elizabeth Arden lipsticks is such stunning. I’m looking forward to testing out the raspberry, and the chocolate. I’m not usually one for browns, but I’m turning a new leaf, and I’m going to test it out (we’ll see how it goes). 

Elizabeth Arden Moisturizing Lipstick with matte finishes is available in Barley There, Pink Pucker, Coral Crush, Nude, Rose Petal, Blood Red, Chocolate and Raspberry $32.00


I love me some fragrances, and who needs them more than when you’re traveling? I love this two sided rollerball from Juicy Couture ($30 Sephora)! You get two fragrances (Viva La Juicy and Viva La Juicy Noir), AND they are plane friendly. 


This little wonder fits easily into any bag, and it really does help to tame those tangles.  I love it! It’s like the mini version of the wet brush (which I’m obsessed with). Available at Urban Outfitters + Sephora


Speaking of taming tangles I plan on doing some sleek looks throughout fashion week, so I’m super excited to tote this texture paste from Got2B 🙂 “Easily mold and shape that messy look – no bed required. Twist and turn your hair all you want, with göt2b stackable inPLAY sculpt paste’s rough finish , it will always look like you didn’t even spend time on it” sounds good to me. Available at most drug stores.

If you want more options for your eye makeup or you’re taking a longer trip you should consider an eye shadow palette. Save yourself the trouble of trying to find all your fav eye shadows, and opt for a palette instead; it’ll save you the trouble of finding coordinating shades, as these are expertly chosen for you, so you really can’t do wrong. Love this one from Annabelle in “smokey nudes” that has warm and cool colors.


Travel can cause a slew of issues for your skin, so I typically pack a purifying mask and make sure to use it at least once throughout the trip. I love this green clay mask from Lotus Aroma. “Lotus Aroma Green Clay is of the purest quality, rich in iron and sun-dried to optimize absorbency. Kaolin absorbs skin impurities and clears pores, while jojoba and grape seed oils eliminate excess oil. The pure essential oils and floral waters are soothing astringents“. I love this product, and it doesn’t dry my skin out the way other purifying cleansing products do.  

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