What Is A Social Casino?

A social casino is a website or an app made solely to play significant casino games online. A social casino contains different free slot games Canada and various casino games, such as roulette, video poker, slots, and blackjack with your friends online. The good thing about social casinos is that you don’t put in real money while playing; you use a free virtual currency that’s also a property of the social casino company, and no real money is involved.

Social casinos are similar to gambling, but when you play them, you don’t stake real money, and every money won or lost is solely for the game, and it’s virtual. Social casinos are made for enjoyment purposes only, and it’s completely legal in some countries.

Social casinos are played in almost every country of the world. However, there’s a notable increase in players in most countries, especially after the coronavirus outbreak, and people no longer have access to real casinos.

Top Five Countries with Significant Social Casinos in the World

The following countries have a significant number of players in social casino games. Therefore, they are part of the reason for the substantial boost in the market capital of social casino games, as stated in the report of 2021.

  1. The United States with a 45% rate of players from all over the country.
  2. Canada has a 10% rate of players, and the majority are high schoolers.
  3. Brazil has a 76% rate of players online, and there’s likely to be an increase by next year.
  4. Germany has an 18.9% rate of players per day.
  5. The UK has a total of 32.8% rate of players.

Examples of Social Casino Games


This is one of the most widely played banking casino games globally, and it’s no surprise that it went digital. The physical blackjack requires a minimum of 2-7 players and a deck of 52 to 416 cards, but the social casinos have made it easy as you can play single with an AI-designed opponent. The main objective of blackjack is to beat the dealer, and there are several ways to do that. You win if your hand value is bigger than the dealer’s hand value. If the dealer draws a hand over 21, he automatically loses.


It’s a card game in which players place a bet on which hand is the best according to the rules made at the start of the game. Poker used to be a physical game, too, before it got moved online, and now you can play alone on your mobile. Poker is almost similar to bLackjack, but poker uses strategy. Poker players may employ several strategies to win a game, but blackjack has stricter rules.


A casino game named after a French word meaning little wheel, Roulette is quite different from other casino games. Roulette is a casino game where a ball is dropped on a wheel while spinning around. Each hole is numbered, and the players bet which hole the ball will move to when the wheel stops spinning. The chances of winning Roulette are low compared to Blackjack.


It’s solely a game of luck, and you can’t predict if you will win or not. Each slot machine contains a random number generator making it work randomly without following any predictable pattern. The slot machines vary from each other, but they all operate randomly. The mobile device versions include the random number generator, a vital part of the game.

Big Six Wheel

This game is based on luck, just like roulette, it is played by spinning a large vertical wheel, and winning is by chance. The wheel has sections with either a dollar amount or the wheel’s logo; you place a bet on which area the wheel pointer will stop on, and you win if your prediction is correct. The chances of winning are based purely on luck because there’s no strategy to winning.

Top Social Casinos Companies in 2021

Double U GamesIt


It was founded in 2012, with its headquarters located in South Korea. They offer their services on every type of mobile device. and they specialise in over 100 varieties of slots games that are free to play on their website and mobile apps. Their stock is listed public even if it’s dipping currently.

High 5 Games

It was established in 1995, H5G could boast 45 million players and over 450 games on their official website. Their games are free to play, offering exciting rewards and wins for their players. They provide feature boosts, bigger payouts, and extra bonuses. They have about six official partners and more than ten gaming awards and their headquarters is in New Jersey.

Scientific Games Corporation


An American corporation founded by John Koza. SGC boasts of over 9000 employees and annual revenue of 2.7 billion dollars as of 2020. Their headquarters is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, the USA, and they have their lottery headquarters and production plant in Alpharetta, Georgia.


The sompany was established in 2010 by Andrew Kuznetsov, and the headquarter is situated in Dublin, Ireland. KamaGames is a game developer of several mobile games, including Pokerist, Texas Poker. Their games include Pokerist, Blackjackist, Roulettist and Video Poker, etc. KamaGames generated $125.1 million as of the 2020 report increasing by over 38%. KamaGames claims to be the most prominent European mobile poker operator, and they boast of over 600,000 daily players with over 150 million players all over the world.



This company is award-winning creators of social games free to play on mobile devices and websites. It was founded in 2011, and its headquarters is situated in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. A group of gaming entrepreneurs founded it; Andrew Pascal, Katie Bolich, Paul Mathews, Chad Hansing, Nicholas Koenig, and Monty Kerr. The stock is listed publicly, and they have partnered with many gaming organisations.



For every gamelover there is a possibility to find and choose the best game to enjoy in the social casino. Playing there is comfortable and relaxing as you don’t need to think about possible negative results if you don’t use real money and play slots for free. Our articles describes the best games and game providers for social casino games you had better pay your attention to.

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