What should be done with the old KFC location?

The KFC on Herring Cove and Old Sambro Road closed several weeks ago, with very little notice. There has been a lot of interest in the building, and so last week I asked people to tweet me ideas for what the community would like to see there. Got lots of suggestions, and some are below:
@stephdouglas: “A Julienne’s style bakery/coffee shop but not as expensive, a great pub/live music good food like the Old Triangle, a Just Us”

@ohmyhandmade: “A cafe w/ local foods & music/place for kids like Local Joe’s is needed here…Wld also love to see the sad looking building beside Frenchy’s turned into an all ages venue
@JWRCalder: “
local jo’s type cafe or studio space for artists/music”
I emailed Dan Doherty, the chair of the Spryfield and District Business Commission to ask how many cafes are in the area, and if anyone has tried to set one up lately. Dan replied that there are two, called PAVIA and the Blooming Cafe. These are both very recent (PAVIA just opened a month ago). He can’t think of any other cafes that have been tried in recent memory.
PAVIA is located at 995 Herring Cove Road, and is an upscale espresso bar and art gallery.
The Blooming Cafe is at
355 Herring Cove Road, and features home cooked food, desserts, and wi-fi.

Dan started a Breakfast Club that meets at the Blooming Cafe every second Wednesday morning at 8am.
He also noted the Blooming Cafe is becoming the meeting place of choice for business owners, and although he thinks the old KFC is a bit big for a cafe, there’s been a lot of interest in the location.
Also, I tried out Storify for the first time to keep track of all the tweets that were flying at me for this story. I tried to embed it here, but I’m not great with HTML, so here’s a link: http://storify.com/shainaluck/what-should-be-done-with-the-old-spryfield-kfc-loc
P.S. Totally coincidentally, the day after this discussion I had a meeting at PAVIA so I was able to try their Italian coffee, sweets, and panini…watch out for a blog post on that soon!

Source: http://www.outsidethecircle.ca/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=263:what-should-be-done-with-the-old-kfc-location&catid=1:latest-news&Itemid=50

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