What to Wear to Diddy’s All White Party

AllyG: I was just saying on my twitter account that there must be a better way to dress for Diddy’s all white party than the atrocities that I saw this year. Not that I was there of course. I was busy.

Well, thank HEAVENS for Elie Saab who put on an all-white couture show in Paris last week. Apparently, this ruffled a few feathers as Karl Lagerfield (THE Karl) put on an all-white couture show this past January. Saab even held HIS all-white show in the exact same venue. Yup.  Bring it.

For those who say the above video has no relevance to this post. I say you don’t know “art”.

Anytheway, I say the more people designing white couture the better particularly because I don’t think Diddy’s all-white party will ever cease.


I don’t even know if this was from this year’s all-white party. It doesn’t matter what year this happened. If it happened in 1982 it still wouldn’t be right.

Let’s take a look at Elie Saab vs. Karl Lagerfield.


Words can’t describe how much I love this Elie Saab dress. Seriously, I cannot find the words to describe my love. I think it’s the shrug. It looks like toilet paper rouching on the shrug, but I dig it. I also love the heart shaped cut of the Décolletage (that’s an awesome word).


I don’t know what it is with me and the flapper look lately, but I’m all over it. Karl has designed an effortlessly cute cocktail dress paired with a…hat. That’s all I can say for the hat. I want this dress so much it makes my heart hurt.

Verdict: Round One Karl…it was close, very close.


Hmm…ok, Elie…I see what you’re trying to do here. Hate the jacket, love the pants. The fit at the waist is perfect. The see-through material (yes, I realize there is a classier term for this but see-through covers it, non?) combined with the puff sleeved blazer isn’t working on the top half. Unless you are Anne of Green Gables in the year 3000.


Oh. Oh dear. I’m sure this isn’t pleather. I don’t think Karl even knows what pleather is. But this looks like pleather. And I know the hat is all “Couture” and everything, but she looks straight out of an effed-up nursery rhyme.

Verdict: Round Two Elie…although both outfits were sort of le suck.

L-A, wanna play? You should go for the tie breaker. Yes, I’m passing the buck here. I feel like I have been shot with a tranquilizer. A tranquilizer for a very obese bear.

L-A: I love a good monochromatic party.  I applaud Diddy for trying, even if some attendees made questionable choices and the party was a bit heavy on the B-list. I heard Tara Reid picked an outfit with a halter top that would stay in place, which is a feat all in itself.  I’m not usually a fan of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, but they were actually looking pretty good:


Even if Ashton did feel the need to put on shutter shades and act like a bit of an arse (If I were at the party, I’d want to kick the ass of whoever was screaming like she just got TyraMail throughout the video):

You know who did White Party well? Gossip Girl’s Labour Day White Party in the Hamptons from the beginning of last season (which is usually how the rich and famous do their White Parties. Even if they are fictional. Diddy used to do the same, but felt the need to move it to LA for July 4th). Sure the party was fictional, but Blair killed it in her Marc Jacobs dress. And Chuck just looked Chucktastic as always:

s2e1_(37).xxlarge 00460m

Well played Gossip Girl stylist. Well played. Both Chuck and the Marc Jacobs runway look show how you can throw in a wee bit of black when at a White Party.

Actually, Best Monochromatic Party Ever award goes to Truman Capote’s Black and White Ball from 1966. Actually, some may argue it gets the award for Best Party Ever.

BandWPartyShadow 061109_CapoteAuction_vl.widec 37231193

That first photo? She is drawling that the party is “faaaaaabulous daaaaaahling”. And she’s probably very right.

As for Saab versus Chanel/Lagerfeld (btw, do you follow Lagerfeld on Twitter? because you really should). Well, Saab put on a nice show, but he had to know he’d be compared to the Chanel show from six months prior. And while, on its own, it was a good show, I’m not sure it was one that should have been held in comparison to a really lovely Chanel collection. But the comparison must be made. But let’s take a quick looksee. Saab:


Pretty. I’d totally want to wear this to a White Party.



White hot, in part because of the darling little chapeau, in part because there is something jazz agey about the swing of the skirt.  If I had to choose between the two cocktail dresses, I’d take the Chanel. It’s just that much prettier.

So, final verdict: Lagerfeld for the win. But an honorable mention to Saab for trying.

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