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What’s YOUR Excuse?

What’s YOUR Excuse?

Last night when I went to the gym, I wore my No Excuses/Your Inner Skinny sweatshirt. It was about 9:30pm and I was doing squats, which I normally love, but my hips and groin were bothering me and I REALLY didn’t want to be there.

When I was about to stop working out, I looked in the mirror and saw what my shirt said… “No Excuses”.  I literally started at it for about 2 minutes. Then I looked at myself in the eyes and challenged myself to do more.  I wasn’t tired. I wasn’t finished. So why was I leaving?

By the end of my workout I did 8 sets of squats and set a new personal best on my 7th and 8th sets. First 305lbs, 5 times and then 315 lbs, 5 times.

– 45 lb x 15 reps
– 135 lb x 15 reps
– 185 lb x 12 reps
– 205 lb x 10 reps
– 225 lb x 8 reps
– 275 lb x 6 reps
– 305 lb x 5 reps
– 315 lb x 5 reps

It felt AMAZING. This is a weight I’ve wanted to do for a long time and never thought I could. If I had of made excuses to leave, I would have never made this milestone and wouldn’t have had this awesome feeling of satisfaction.

I have to remember daily to challenge myself and not to make excuses, otherwise, where would I be in life and who would I be as a person?

So, once again, I’m challenging you to step up, suck it up and challenge yourself.

I didn’t want to do it? But I did. And now I’m happy I did!

What’s your excuse?

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