Wheels are in motion to find a Skate Park Team Treasurer

The recently formed Bedford Skate Park Action Team ( B SPAT ) is looking for a Treasurer to be on the committee.

Please check with family members and friends.

There will be a workshop on December 2 in the Basinview School cafeteria at 7pm.

The workshop is held by HRM and will talk about Developing Outdoor Facilities-Skateparks, how to get community support, project planning, understanding the municipal processes for developing outdoor facilities, and cost of some of the parks in HRM.

Back in September, during a preliminary meeting, it was determined that Bedford youths want and need a skate park in Bedford.

Rob MacLeod of Entity Boardshop in Bedford recently stated that¬† “we are setting the goal pretty high and we are going after a concert park in the value of $500,000 or more. Still no real time frame but hopefully within the next 4 years or sooner. We will be meeting once a month and we have a very good board so things will start move smoothly.”

If you haven’t already joined the Facebook site “Who Wants a Skate Park in Bedford” please join.

Hope to see everyone at the Workshop.

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