When Avril Lavigne barfs all over Target

AllyG: Usually, I’m totally jeals. Why, I ask, is it totally impossible for us to have a Target? Why? Are the Americans angry that we are hoarding all the good bacon? With this said, I am actually ok with a lack of Target today after seeing the sneak peek of Rodarte for Target.


This is ridiculous. It’s such self-important crap. Seriously.  You’d have to be Avril Lavigne, and even she might be above that…doubtful though (do you know she has her own fashion line? Insert sound of L-A’s brain exploding).


It’s just so bizarre. Completely all over the place. Usually, I test a line’s wearability by asking myself, “Would one of the Sex and the City characters wear this?” Dude, not even Samantha would wear this in the 80’s flashback. It’s so thrown together. What is it? Punk? Grunge? Disco? Barf?

I thought, surely Rodarte is phoning it in. Surely, I said to myself, his “real” collection for Spring 2010 is much, much better.


I was wrong.

Usually, if things are expensive or made by people called “Rodarte”, I feel as though I should love it. Let me be clear – I HATE IT.


I’m speechless. Can someone explain the attraction to me? Would you wear this to a party? Even to a party thrown by someone you longed to embarrass?

L-A? Have I finally become the annoying mother who finds high-fashion “Impractical”? PLEASE TELL ME YOU AGREE!

L-A: It’s okay, you are not yet that mother. I mostly agree with you.  When it comes to Rodarte on the runway, I do a bit of a head tilt and then say, “but it is art as much as it is fashion” and I cut them some slack (Rodarte is actually two sisters).  And I hear that Rodarte is doing the Target thing and I get excited because like you said, you feel like you’re supposed to love Rodarte. All the fashion bloggers are killing themselves to talk about how marvelous Rodarte is. And you dont’ want to get left out. But I sometimes feel like I’ve drunk the Rodarte kool-aid and maybe I don’t love it so much as I think I should love it.

This is possibly as close to an existential crisis as you can get when you’re a fashion blogger (not actually true. You can have a very deep existential crisis on a fashion blog. I just haven’t had one).

Anytheways. Rodarte for Target. I can’t decide if I hate it, if I’m just too old, or if that model is just not selling it. Because she look genuinely bored with the collection.  To be honest, I might be too.  I sort of dig these dresses:


But only sort of. Sure they’re cute, but I’m not dyiiiiiing. I wouldn’t maim anyone for them.  What I like best about the Rodarte for Target lookbook? The Doc Martens. But that might be nostalgia talking.

Actually, I’ve yet to be thrilled by any big name designer collaboration  at Target. I hear about them and I’m all, “ooooh! jealous!” and then I see a bedazzled dress with lungs on it or an okay lace dress and I’m either retching or yawning. I’m all for affordable/accessible designs, but at least try to make it interesting instead of phoning it in.  (and seriously, who doesn’t have a frigging deal with Target these days. It really is the new Warhol dictum).  I’m not even going to let myself get excited about rumours of Zac Posen collaborating with Target, because I figure I’ll just be disappointed in the end.

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