When Kids Get Dirty

Do you know how I know that summer is here?

The dirt.

I am a Mom of little boys. I am not making any gender claims here. I have no idea if this is the case with all kids, just boys, or just my kids, but BOY OH BOY do my boys get dirty!

When Kids Get Dirty | Mommy Miracles

These days, I look forward to rainy days, because I can actually dress them in (slightly) nicer, (slightly) whiter clothes without finding them completely covered in dirt and dust by the time we pick them up from daycare.

Granted, I love seeing them running around outside with all their friends, and I know the outside activity time is good for them, and I sure do love those hugs that they give us when we walk through the back gate, but my work clothes cannot be seen out in public after that 5pm hug.

And, I’m sorry, but I haven’t ever been, nor will I ever be a bath-every-night Mama. As I write this post, it is 9:30pm and I just finished tucking the boys into bed. We finished dinner at 8. I couldn’t make time for bathing kids most evenings, even if I wanted to. Bath time has never been a soothing before-bed activity unless am the only one having the bath while the rest of the bathroom is empty. But now that summer is here and the boys are getting sweatier and the dirt is sticking to them even more (they’re magnets), I know I have to fit it in more often.

It is a simple pleasure, but I am really loving the Kandoo Body Wash. It has some really simple designs that make bath-time for Mom a little easier. The triangular shape of the bottle makes it fit perfectly in the corner of the tub, and the pump feature makes it possible to get soap onto the washcloth with only one hand. These sound like features that shouldn’t make a difference, but it does when you’re trying to keep two kids from possibly flooding the bathroom or drowning each other or getting water in their eyes.

A Kandoo Body Wash Review | Mommy Miracles

Meanwhile, my kids are loving the Kandoo Body Wash so much that they’re asking for some on their hands so they can put it in their hair because obviously they want to scream for another 5 minutes while I try to rinse soap out of their hair… again. (Children don’t think things through.) That said, they do seem to like purple, bubbly, fruity-smelling soap.

So, now that we’ve made the whole soap process of the bath slightly easier, can someone please share how to prevent my bath mat getting soaked or how the shorten bath-time by about 10 minutes or how to rinse my 2 year old’s hair without him screaming bloody murder? Maybe then bathtime could happen nightly in the summer. (Or at least on non-rainy days).

Kandoo Detangler Review

I’m a Kandoo Ambassador and will be reviewing a product a month for the next few months. Expect to see some awesome giveaways too. In return for this ambassadorship, I was provided with product and a few gift cards. Be sure to visit www.kandookids.ca for great tips and playful solutions.

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