When You Lose It

When You Lose It Today I have been thinking I am losing my mind.

I feel naked, and unable to do one of the things I love, and that is capture those small moments.

Last month I lost my Iphone. Since I got it I had become addicted to it. I carried it everywhere and loved and adored the Instagram App. I was able to capture and share so many moments quickly and easily. I loved this as all my immediate family do not live close by.

Then 2 weeks ago I lost my wallet with all the funds I planned on spending for Christmas in it, then I lost my camera. Now I feel totally stripped naked. It is like asking someone to forgo a passion. It is like asking me to forget how important is to capture those moments.

For me photography and the abilty to capture a moment are apart of who I am. It was hard enough when I lost the ability to share my moments instantly when I lost the Iphone, now not even to be able to catch the action has left me feeling like part of who I am is missing.

You see I love catching things visually. Right now I see the lights of the season and I want to capture them, I see the tree decorated for the season and couldn’t capture my daughter putting the angel on top. She had also never skated on ice until this week, her lacing her skates for the very first time was another missed moment. So many missed moments and that is just in a few days.

Would you feel  naked without your camera and smartphone? Do you use yours to capture the moments?

Because I am a mom on a budget, I can’t replace either before the holidays. I have been offered an HTC Radar phone but I can’t find a network that it works on up here yet, so I am back to the drawing board, and thinking and hoping by Febuary I can replace at least the camera but right now I am missing moments and I really hate it.

I love the memories that come from a captured moment. Are you one who loves to catch the moments as well?

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mr. bar-b-q: great food takes great tools – giveaway for him!

mr. bar-b-q: great food takes great tools – giveaway for him!