Where the Wild Things Might Be

L-A: So, I’m pretty sure just about everyone is dying to see this movie:

I’m actually feeling a little left out of the hype. Confession: I’ve never read the book. Okay, maybe I did. But I don’t remember it if I do. It’s one of those books I’ve always known about, but isn’t a book I recall reading. If I didn’t read it, there isn’t a particular reason. I read a lot as a kid. I loved books like Madeline and Go Dogs Go, but I don’t remember Where the Wild Things Are.  But that’s okay. I’ll just go see the Spike Jonze version of it, which looks lovely (and involves writing by Dave Eggers, who is a favourite of mine. As is Spike Jonze). And heck, if it’s anything like the trailer with it’s Arcade Fire song, I’ll probably even getting seriously verklempt while watching it.

But, if I do want to feel like I’m in on the hype, I can buy Where the Wild Things Are clothing.

You think I’m joking, don’t you?

I’m not.

For starters, Urban Outfitters has partnered up with the movie studios to bring you the following:


Actually, I am kidding about that. That’s just a t-shirt. Whatevs. There actually is some interesting designs that are not quite so obvious. Here are the UO offerings by designer Mary Meyer:

marymeyer_colourblockskirt marymeyer_tunic marymeyer_leggings

Not nearly so obvious. Can’t say I get the connection between the Colourblock skirt and the story/movie, but what the heck! It’s kind of cute. And I can dig conceptual. If you’re really set on a t-shirt, Mary has designed one of those as well:


But the fun doesn’t stop at Urban Outfitters. A little on the higher end of things, Opening Ceremony has collaborated with director Spike Jonze on a collection of faux fur items (to be released today! September 28!). For the ladies:

2-wtwta 8-WTWTA

I kind of like them.  Especially the first one. And surprisingly, I like the boot/sandal concoction (not a part of the collection) that they’ve used here.

For the dudes:


Sorry mes frères, but I think the ladies got luckier when it came to the designs. Because I’m not so sure about fuzzy coats with built in mitteny things. (I do like the second coat. I wouldn’t even think of snickering at you if I saw you sporting it out in public. No guarantees on the first one though).

And then there is the unisex design. I hope to see a few of you sporting this sucker for the opening of the film on October 16:


Okay, now that I am kidding about. Only on Halloween is this okay for a grownup. If you are under the age of ten, then go nuts with this outfit – wear it to school or something. (Actually, I’m thinking of placing bets on how many adults and kids go as Max for Halloween…any takers? I know the crafty community is going to be all over this one, because it’s really not that hard to make your own).

Opening Ceremony has also collaborated with jewelry designer Pamela Love to come up with some pieces that are so creepy and monstery that they’re kind of wonderful:

4-Pamela-Love 3-Pamela-Love

I particularly like the charm bracelet, but then, I’m already a fan of charm bracelets.

I’m actually pretty impressed with the collaborations going on between the worlds of fashion and this movie. Most of it is really well done – not just licensed crap being churned out to make a buck. Sure some people are going to make a lot of bucks, but at least the rest of us will get something nicely designed out of it. Even you stylish skateboarders/ sneaker fanatics get stuff:


But never fear, not all the bucks from the collaborations are going to line the pockets of some corporate type. Nope. Costume designer Christian Joy has created some spacey Where the Wild Things Are-inspired costumes and some of the proceeds from the sales are going to 826LA (a literacy organization that has connections to Dave Eggers and Spike Jonze, the writers of the movie):


You can read about the costumes at the UO blog. Or if you want the kick-assest Halloween costume, try to buy them at Space 15 Twenty.

Who knew a kids book could be so stylish? Maybe we’ll have to look for more kids book inspired clothing (although, we probably won’t find so many designs that are intentionally inspired by the books). Let us know your favourite books from when you were knee high to a grasshopper, or else it’s going to be all Madeline and Go Dogs Go.

p.s. I couldn’t find a subtle place to link to the official blog of the movie. But I like it enough that I want to share. So here it is: We Love You So.

(image credits: Urban Outfitters, Opening Ceremony and We Love You So)

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