whiten your teeth {naturally}

A few months ago I shared this post with about using baking soda for a common hair problem. Now I have another trick to share! I stopped drinking coffee in April and the first thing I wanted to do was whiten my teeth. They weren’t yellow but they were a little bit stained and I just wanted to freshen things up and get back that little sparkle again. My first thought was whitestrips, but I decided to take the natural route first and see what happens. After a bunch of searching around on the net I found that baking soda has been giving a lot of people AMAZING results. Some brush with only baking soda, some add it to their toothpaste, some do a baking soda/peroxide paste mix…there’s a few different ways to do it but the result is usually the same: brighter, whiter, shiny teeth!
I don’t use baking soda everyday because I’ve heard that with prolonged use it can damage your enamel since baking soda is abrasive. So I shoot for about 3 times a week and this is how I do it:
– wet toothbrush {I use an electric one}
– dot with toothpaste
– dip in baking soda {keep a little cup of baking soda in your bathroom}
– brush for 2-3 minutes
– rinse really well with cold water. you don’t want baking soda sitting in your mouth because it’ll irritate your gums/tissue

Try it out and enjoy how sparkly and clean your teeth can be naturally! Enjoy your new smile!

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