Who are the most successful gamblers in the world?

Usually, players that become rich through gambling have similar attributes such as bravery, skill, etc. No doubt, the notion is that the house always wins, and most often, it does. Nevertheless, luck smiles on a few gamblers every now and then. 

However, some people argue that most of the richest gamblers didn’t make their wealth through gambling per se. This assertion is not completely true because there are some gamblers that have made it a hobby to beat the bookies all the time. Read this piece and learn about how some gamblers became rich in betting.

Tony Bloom

Tony Bloom is one of the richest gamblers that have made their wealth through gambling. Interestingly, Tony Bloom is a graduate of The University of Manchester, and he studied mathematics. Initially, he started by playing poker for fun, gradually mastered it, and enrolled in various tournaments. 

Over the years, Tony Bloom has won more than $2.5 million gambling in huge tournaments, including World Poker Tour. Amazingly, Tony Bloom finished second during the Poker Million IX tournament. Tony Bloom earned his nickname “the Lizard” because of his amazing technics. Also, Tony is a betting consultant who set up his own firm.

Bill Benter

Another math whiz that has used their skills to win huge gambling is Bill Benter. Interestingly, Bill Benter started his gambling career in Las Vegas before he focused on horse racing in Hong Kong. Bill Benter created an algorithm that could predict the chances of a horse winning a race.

The algorithm did not yield results immediately, but it was after a few years of twerking it. Benter’s most famous horse race win was when his algorithm predicted the winner of the Triple Trio correctly. Over the years, Bill Benter is estimated to have won billions of dollars betting on horse racing.

Edward Thorp

Edward Thorp is also a mathematics and tech genius, and he brought all these skills into play while gambling. Thorp is believed to have invented the card coup ting strategy to win blackjack. Also, during his first week of using his card-counting strategy, he won $11,000. 

To show how effective his card-counting strategy was, he decided to publish a book about it. The book is called “Best the Dealer,” and it was published in 1962. Furthermore, Thorp applied the same skills to the stock market and also earned millions of dollars.

Zeljko Ranogajec

Zeljko is called “the Joker,” and he has made a lot of money gambling. Ranogajec mainly focuses on horse racing, and he is believed to have made over $3 billion in gambling. Not to mention, even if his bets don’t win, bookers often offer him discounts and several rebates because of his commitment. Also, Zeljko is estimated to have built a fortune over the years through gambling. 


Even though most of these gamblers made their gambling at brick-and-mortar casinos, others are also earning a lot of gambling online. For instance, they’re a lot of gamblers that have earned millions of dollars betting at online casinos. You can also play Aviator Game in RoundMe.com to win huge bets. Finally, gambling ought to be done responsibly, or you may become bankrupt.

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