Who pun-it? Mystery novels

Librarians love a good pun, but apparently not as much as mystery writers (and their fans). I’ve been chuckling to myself a lot lately over the great titles on many of the mystery books that come through the library. I know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but can we judge it by its title? If so, I give these funny pun-titled books full marks.
Who pun-it? Mystery novels
Murder for Choir (M)
by Joelle Charbonneau
First in the Glee Club Mystery series in which a high school choir coach investigates the murder of a rival choir’s leader.

Quilt or Innocence (M)
by Elizabeth Craig
Who pun-it? Mystery novels
This one is subtitled “A Southern Quilting Mystery” and follows Beatrice Coleman, a retired art curator and new member of a small town quilting club as she tries to solve the murder of the landlord who wanted to raise the rent of the local quilt shop.
It was actually hard for me to pick just one book that substitutes the world “hearse” for “horse” in its punny title: it seems to be a real mystery novel title trope. Here are two to consider:

Who pun-it? Mystery novels Who pun-it? Mystery novels
Hearse and Buggy (M)
by Laura Bradford
All the Pretty Hearses (M)
by Mary Daheim

Who pun-it? Mystery novels Brew to a Kill (M)
by Cleo Coyle
There are some hilarious titles amongst the 11 (thus far) in this coffee themed series that features the part-time sleuthing of a small town coffee shop manager. This is the most recent (although the 9th in the series—Roast Mortem—is my favourite pun).
Dead Man Waltzing (M)
by Ella Barrick.
Ball Room Dance themed mystery anyone? From Who pun-it? Mystery novels Library Journal “When one of her instructors is suspected of killing a renowned ballroom dance leader, studio owner Stacy. . . glides into action to clear his name.” This is the second in the series, after Quickstep to Murder.
Threaded for Trouble (M)
by Janet Bolin.
Who pun-it? Mystery novels
The second in the Threadville Mystery series in which a small town embroidery show owner investigates crimes. The title of the first in the series Dire Threads (M) is a sort of a pun, but I think this one is better.

Fashion Faux Paw (M)
by Judi McCoy.
The latest in a dog themed mystery series that fWho pun-it? Mystery novels ollows the work of professional dog walker/amateur sleuth. In this one the main character investigates the death of a famous designer at New York Fashion Week. This series is I think my favourite, title-pun-wise: Hounding the Pavement, Heir of the Dog, Death in Show (and more! there are six in the series so far). I think I have to stop typing now because I am giggling too much.

Source: http://www.thereader.ca/2012/08/who-pun-it-mystery-novels.html

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