Who will be the Next HRM Poet Laureate?

Halifax has had a Poet Laureate since 2001. Our first poet laureate was Sue MacLeod, followed by Lorri Neilsen Glenn, Shauntay Grant and Tanya Davis.

Now is the time for us to choose a new HRM Poet Laureate.

Listed below is HRM’s call for nominations:

Nomination Call for Poet Laureate 

Sue MacLeod

The Halifax Regional Municipality is seeking nominations for the 2-year term of 2013-2015 Poet Laureate. The position will commence in late spring 2013.


Nominees for the Poet Laureate must meet the following criteria:

Lorri Glenn Neilsen

Be a current resident of HRM,

Have made a significant contribution to poetry or spoken word and the literary life of HRM,

Be prepared to accept the responsibilities of the position and be accustomed to citizen engagement and community outreach, and,

Be professionally published according to one or more of the following criteria:

Shauntay Grant

 A trade book or chapbook.
 Print publications in recognized literary journals, anthologies, or periodicals.
 Sufficient audio recording (videos, CDs, and/or tapes), broadcasting or spoken word  performance.

Meet the Criteria? Still interested? 

Any eligible poet or spoken word artist may be nominated or may nominate himself or herself. Nominees must agree to participate in Phase II of the selection process.

Tanya David
(c) Julé Malet-Veale

Nominations must include:
A signed acknowledgement of nomination form from the nominee.
Letter of support listing the nominee’s eligibility including:
A brief description of their contributions to poetry, spoken-word and the artistic community, and how they have influenced their peers and/or other artists.
Their ability to engage citizens and audiences.
Current curriculum vitae of the nominee.
A one page document outlining the nominee’s goals for the 2-year term.
Three examples of published work, such as a book or literary anthologies, journals or chapbooks, CDs, DVDs.

Nominations are due by April 30, 2013

Read the fine print (Poet Laureate Application Guidelines) and fill out the nomination form!

What is a Poet Laureate Anyway?

The Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) defines the Poet Laureate as a resident poet or spoken word artist who has achieved excellence amongst their peers and whose work is of relevance to the citizens of HRM. The Poet Laureate is an advocate for literary arts and reflects the life of HRM through their work. As an advocate for poetry, language and the arts, the Poet Laureate attends events across the Municipality to promote and attract people to the literary world.

HRM administers the Poet Laureate program, including:
Facilitating the selection process, including appointing the Selection Committee,
Collecting nominations, and,
Providing administrative support to the Poet Laureate including publicity, promotion and project coordination.

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