Why Everyone In Canada Should Support Their Local Cannabis Store

Canadians were in support of legalizing cannabis in Canada a few years ago, but it’s not going as well as expected. Some things are hurting the industry, which makes it difficult for weed stores to be run effectively.

If you’re one of those Canadians who partake in the drug it’s important to do everything you can to support local businesses. Let’s take a quick look at some of the reasons why cannabis stores need your help.

The Black Market Is Still Huge

Legalizing weed was supposed to put an end to the black market, but it’s still a lot bigger than anyone could have predicted. Sadly, business owners are suffering because they choose not to break the law.

Ayr Wellness and Tremblant Cannabis are two successful companies waiting for something positive to happen. The next time anyone you know tries to buy weed from a random drug dealer, you should ask them to acquire it legally.

It’s Still Tough To Use Banks

In a country where it’s 100% legal to buy cannabis, you would expect businesses to be able to use banks like everyone else. I know there are options weed store owners can use but it still leaves them at a disadvantage.

Would you enjoy banks turning you away when you wanted to keep your money safe? It costs more for cannabis businesses when it comes to finances, so they need you to spend more when possible to help offset those losses.

Very Expensive To Grow And Sell

How much do driving instructors and security guards need to spend keeping their licenses up-to-date? It’s not enough to give them migraines. Business owners who grow and sell cannabis have a right to feel stressed.

It costs tens of thousands of dollars to keep them in business every year. If you want to discover Quebec’s hash and other cannabis goodies, store owners have to work for ages before they even begin to turn a profit.

Lots Of Annoying Supply Issues

Canopy Growth and Aurora Cannabis can only sell weed when it’s delivered to stores, right? If they don’t have stock they don’t have anything to sell. There are lots of annoying supply issues we’ll see for years.

Customers eventually get sick of waiting and get their cannabis somewhere else. Once stores get restocked the customers won’t always go back, so make sure you check your local store just in case when you need something.

Providing You With More Products

Now that things like edibles are completely legal, companies are going to come up with genius ways to supply you with all the cannabis you ever need. But it costs extra money to come up with all these innovations.

Even if certain cannabis businesses don’t manufacture their products, they’ll need to rent large properties to ensure they have enough space for everything. It means they’ll pay more money towards rent every month.

It’s Not As Profitable As You Think

Some people assume a cannabis business is the greatest thing in the world because it’s just a bunch of stoners getting rich. That isn’t the case and local store owners need your help.

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