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Why I Love Working

I may have been exaggerating slightly when I wrote this blog title. Although I would say that being back at work is better than I expected, I don’t know if I could go as far as to say that I love working! But really, how many of us could say that?

But working is going better than I expected, which means there are some good things to being back at work.

So without further ado, here are The Top 10 Best Things About Working:

10.  I’m Clean and Pretty: Although it is sometimes a pain in my behind, going to work forces me to shower on a regular basis and do my hair and makeup daily. I no longer wear sweatpants each day and when I leave the house in the morning, I feel fresh and cute.

9.  Bling: It has been over a year since I have worn any jewelry apart from Mommy Necklaces (which are lovely, but can get boring when a girl only has two). Let me tell you, I love my jewelry! It is so lovely to put on the bling without worrying that my baby will break it or rip my ears by pulling on it.

8.  Uninterrupted Work: It may sound ridiculous that I am able to ever find uninterrupted work. Even at work, there are chatty coworkers, telephone calls, emails, coffee that needs to be sipped, potty breaks that need to be had. But when you compare it to the constant nagging of a toddler who is always getting into everything that he shouldn’t be getting into, it is actually amazing to feel like the day is mine to get things done.

7.  Adult Conversation: I love my baby. And I love talking to my baby. I love writing my Mommy blog posts and my having Twitter conversations with other Moms. Believe me, I love being a Mom and so I love talking about Momstuff. But sometimes, it is just nice to talk about other things – about politics, daily events, pop cultures. And sometimes I come across one of those special moments when I get to brag about my son.

6.  Solitary Bathroom Breaks: Believe it or not, when I’m at work, no one follows me into the bathroom and demands to stand directly beside me whilst I do what I gotta do. And no one even stands at the closed door crying and knocking until I am forced to let them in mid-pee.

5.  Reduce in the Poo: I used to hang out all day with a poop machine. Seriously, I have changed up to five poopy diapers a day. Thankfully, there is no one at work who wears diapers. Or at least, there is no one at work who has made me responsible for changing their poopy diapers.

4.  Who Stinks?: Gone are the days when I am playing the Smell the Diaper game every five minutes to try to figure out where that awful smell is coming from, only to realize that it is hidden somewhere on me. Now, the worst of my worries is whether I remembered to put deodorant on in the morning.

3.  Lunch Breaks: 1 hour. Totally and completely mine. Uninterrupted. Need I say more?

2. Dates: Although this hasn’t happened yet, Dan and I realized that we are both baby free from 8am to 4:30pm each weekday. And we both have lunch breaks. So, we decided that since it is next to impossible to plan date nights, we would do date lunches instead – at least once a month.

1.  Coming Home: The absolute best part of my day are those last few steps before I put the key in the door and push it open. The anticipation of seeing that smiling little face waiting for me to come home. When I walk into my front door and I see him and he sees me, I am the happiest person in the world.

On my way home from work.

I’ve linked this post up with Courtney’s No Mom Talk Monday over at The Mommy Matters. I always feel like I’m cheating a little because I usually manage to talk about being a Mom a little bit. Each weekend I sit and wonder what the heck is going on in my life that doesn’t have to do with being a Mom? I come up with very little.
You should pop on over to Courtney’s blog to read more No Mom Talk Monday posts.


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