Why People in a Relationship Must Respect Each Other

We try to respect strangers and expect them to do the same in return. But sometimes, we forget that the life partner deserves the same treatment. However, without respect, a happy marriage is not possible. Respect in a couple is a special requirement for creating a healthy relationship. Habitually, at an early stage of relations, people rarely think about this, because everything goes perfect, the partner seems to be an ideal soul mate, and his or her eyes miss our “small” flaws.

Unfortunately, even if you have the best romantic relations in the world, you will still face problems in your day-to-day life, and your quarrels may “quickly become personal.” And often they suffer from this fact hurts even more than any other problem could. The problem is a lack of respect.

To what extent you need respect in relations?

As you may have guessed, when you don’t respect your partner and become too personal with him or her, you destroy their sense of self-worth. Thus, you ruin your emotional connection. Remember, any romantic relations without respect are painful and unhappy. Of course, those relations may last for many years, but this is definitely not what you want, right?

In such relations, both partners will emit the same signals, especially during quarrels: “You are no match for me. And I can allow myself to do whatever I want with you and our relationships.” This problem appears only in those couples, where people don’t believe that they both have equal rights. Also, the lack of tact and respect easily may lead to breaking up if both partners are strong personalities.

When one partner believes that he or she has more rights than another one, the second partner begins to doubt himself or herself: “Am I worthy of love, if the one I love treats me like that?” Emotional strong people, in this case, will try to defend themselves and will begin to ignore the attacker or will become aggressive. Weak people, instead, begin to take the blame and try to satisfy their disrespectful partners. Thus, they only dive deeper into this situation.

Both reactions are pretty normal for humans. But the result of such aggressive behavior from the first partner is usually sad: love dies in fear. And, after such a terrible experience, people have big problems returning to dating again. If this happened to you, you, first of all, should forget about this experience or even tips on dating your best friend won’t do you any good. The price of disrespect is high.

What determines respect in a relationship?

Two people are involved in relations, so respect has the same number of sides. You both should respect each other. Only in this case, you will manage to build equal romantic relations. Pay attention to yourself, if you are respectful, considerate of yourself if you know how to value yourself, see your unique traits and characteristics, then most likely you can protect yourself from disrespect, beyond doubt, you will manage to build healthy relations, will respect your partner, and will be respected by him or her.

And what if this is not about you?

What if in day-to-day life you can’t defend yourself and forced to forget about your needs? If you don’t have the power to express your viewpoint, your true feelings, or maybe you don’t have the right to have those feelings at all? If it’s hard for you to show that you won’t tolerate disrespectful treatment and you won’t let anyone do this? Then, probably, it is not easy for you with yourself, and low self-respect is a problem that you still have to solve. But this definitely will pay off, because respect in relationships is the path to harmony and love.

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