Why we can’t wait to launch the Community Food Leader Certificate Program

The Our Food Project has been cooking up a Community Food Leader Certificate Program for organizations in Cape Breton, Cumberland and Halifax who want to help change lives through food. This comes after over a decade of food work in Nova Scotia. During this time we’ve learned so much while working with our partners to build what we call positive food environments – those social and physical spaces that make it easier for our communities to get the food they need. Throughout the program we’ll work with organizations who want to start or grow community food initiatives in their region.

Here are a few reasons why we can’t wait to get started:

  1. Play: Who says only kids get to play? We know the best way to absorb new information and tools is to experience them. Following experiential and adult education principles, learning by doing is at the crux of this program. We’ll share a buffet of tools and dive into a few of them at each training.
  2. Our food, our stories: Offering safe spaces to share our stories is at the heart of bringing our diverse food movement to life. My food story includes images of my grandparents, that time I felt at loss without their food, and realizing how often others feel that way. What’s your story? What about your community? These are some of the stories we’ll explore.
  3. Reflection: When’s the last time you had the chance to stop, look back at all the work you’ve accomplished and let out a great big sigh? In fact, I just let out a great big sigh – it feels so good! Reflection is so important in our everyday lives and work. It’s what allows us to truly feel and understand the ground beneath us, have an honest look at what we’re doing right, what needs a little bit of work, and how to incorporate these insights into future projects. We’ll reflect, sigh, and move forward together.
  4. See great ideas come to life: We all have great ideas, but sometimes we just don’t have enough time or motivation to think through how to make them happen. A little bit of encouragement and some (healthy) deadlines can go a long way. We’ve designed the program with this in mind. We’ll connect with you between trainings to offer just the right amount of cheer leading and guidance that you’ve been waiting for.
  5. Food: What would a Community Food Leader program be without food? Each training we’ll enjoy a delicious meal together, and cook up meals (and ideas) of our own.

Learn more about the Community Food Leader Certificate Program HERE

Program timeline: September 2017 – March 2018
This is a free professional development opportunity
Applications due July 14th, 2017


Blog Written by: Jen Organ, Ecology Action Centre, Community Food Coordinator (Leadership Development)

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