Why you should be using Canadian betting sites

Across the world, many people have been betting online for a long time. In Canada, it was often the case that offshore sites would be used. This was due to some of the laws being in a little bit of a grey area and people being confused about what was and wasn’t legal. However, with things being a lot more understandable now, there is no real reason to use offshore sites. We’ve taken a close look here at why you should use Canadian betting sites.

Faster and safer payouts

Fast payouts are one of the most important reasons to play at an online casino. Getting access to the very best fast payout casinos in Canada is vitally important if you want to get your winnings in hand as soon as possible.

By playing at a Canadian betting site, you will also have access to more payment methods that are Canada-friendly. So, there is no more worrying about how long a withdrawal is going to take, especially when using an international bank transfer. Because Canadian sites have to be regulated too, it also means that the security that’s in place is much more stringent. This will keep players safe and ensure that payments are actually made and that bank details are kept secure.

Better game choices

Whether you want to play the latest slot releases or classic table games, playing at a Canadian site will give you a top-level choice. Offshore sites often don’t have the right tie-ins with software developers, which means that the games they offer tend to be from smaller companies that are unable to provide the right level of quality. By choosing to play at a Canadian online casino, you can avoid being bitten by poor quality games and will enjoy yourself a lot more.

On top of this, it also means that the regulations ensure that legitimate versions of games must be used. Offshore sites don’t always have this level of legality in place and have been known to use counterfeit versions of games, which don’t necessarily offer fair payouts. A Canadian site will have full regulation from Kahnawake, which makes sure that only legitimate games are in place. This is one of the most important reasons why playing at a Canadian site is such a good choice to make.

Bonuses and promotions

One of the biggest positives that online casinos have over land-based casinos is the bonuses and promotions that are offered. Land-based sites don’t tend to offer bonuses to players, mainly because the competition to entice players is related to more physical benefits such as free food and world-class entertainment. Online casinos are unable to offer this, for obvious reasons, so bankroll bonuses and free spins are what they use to bring in players.

Playing at a Canadian online casino will allow you to have a much better selection of bonuses. These are more likely to be geared for Canadian players and as such they will offer more benefits. Any free spins that are offered are more likely to be for games that are available to Canadian players as well.

The second big reason to play at a Canadian site is that the bonuses will be available to Canadian players. Quite often at offshore sites, the bonuses won’t be available to players from certain jurisdictions. This won’t be the case at a Canadian site, as it’s created for Canadian players. So, if you like to grab a bonus when you play online, using a Canadian site is the best way to get the biggest bonus for your needs.

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