Wildlife Habitat Conservation Grants Announced

Groups delivering conservation education, promoting sustainable hunting practises and studying the pressures affecting wildlife populations are receiving grants from the Habitat Conservation Fund.

Lands and Forestry Minister Iain Rankin announced today, July 27, that 21 grants totalling $230,000 were awarded to ten community groups, wildlife associations and academic institutions working to protect wildlife habitats in Nova Scotia.

“The Habitat Conservation Fund supports many important wildlife and habitat education, research and ecosystem stewardship projects each year,” said Mr. Rankin. “These grants further enhance protection efforts and appreciation of our province’s biodiversity.”

The Habitat Conservation Fund is the result of the $5.15 wildlife habitat stamp that is required to hunt, trap or snare in Nova Scotia.

“Hunters and trappers contribute directly to the Habitat Conservation Fund as part of ongoing efforts to address sustainability of wildlife and wildlife habitat in Nova Scotia,” said Travis McLeod, president of the Nova Scotia Federation of Hunters and Anglers. “The fund has helped leverage more than a million dollars for projects concerned with wildlife and habitat sustainability.”

Since 2000, the fund has awarded about $2.7 million to support wildlife and habitat conservation in the province. Requests for project funding are reviewed by a panel of hunting, naturalist and academic associations.

“Hunters and trappers make significant contributions to support wildlife and habitats each time a wildlife habitat stamp is bought,” said Mr. Rankin.

Information about the projects is available at www.novascotia.ca/natr/wildlife/habfund


Source : Media Release

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