Will Work For Wine! Happy Wednesday, winos.

I just realized that I haven’t blogged about wine in a while… what’s with that? Has hell frozen over? Shame…

So I’ve put together a quick list of a few of my faves that I’ve been testing out lately while waiting for my own wine to be ready to bottle.

First off, my go to wine of late is a Trio Reserva from Chile. The wine is a blend Merlot, Carmenere and Shiraz (60% Merlot + 35% Carmenere + 5% Shiraz). For $15.99 (here in NS), it’s a nice tasting wine that I think is best paired with Friday night. OK, maybe Saturday night too if you had a lot of running around to do. It’s also a nice gift to give to your favourite red wine lover/blogger if there should be, say, a big holiday or gift exchange coming up in the near future. I don’t know if you know any wine lover/bloggers… but if you do, I’m sure she (or maybe he if HE even exists) would appreciate the generous gesture of wine love.

Next up is what I like to call “weight loss wine.” Or at least I like to pretend it’s helping me lose weight. Skinnygirl wines are low in calories and pretty safe bets for a good tasting wine. The Skinnygirl line was started by reality TV star turned talk show host, Bethenny Frankel, and has expanded to include vodka, ready to serve cocktails (I like the Cosmo cocktail) and now wine. I’ve tried both a red and a white from the collection and if you want a nice sipping wine that’s probably not going to get you too tipsy and is light on the calories then this may be the wine for you. It’s not my fave wine, but if it helps to limit calorie intake then it’s worth a shot!

CaliforniaWhiteCaliforniaRed Here’s a tip – Perhaps this wine should be best left off of your gift giving list this year. I’m just thinking that if you showed up to a party with this as a hostess gift, you may just insult the hostess. “What are you saying? Do I look fat in this outfit?” Probably not your intent at all! You just wanted to share your wine love with a fellow red wine lover, no insult intended! I get it. But some people can be so weird so better buy the Trio and leave this to yourself for those stressful nights of wrapping presents and preparing food that are ahead in December.

So that’s the Wednesday wine round up for today. I hope you enjoy your wine. By the way, I did not receive any compensation to write this post… but… just putting this out there to the Wine Gods… WILL WORK FOR WINE!

Happy Wednesday, winos.


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