Winter Guide 2010

“Winter Winds”

Warm up to the idea of sustainable living this winter at!

Need a little help keeping your New Year’s resolutions, or maybe some inspiration for ‘greener’ ones you can actually keep all year long?  How about more Fair Trade cafes to warm you this winter?  Or sustainable treats for your ‘sweets’ this season or for any reason?  What about news of eco-friendly events to fill the long winter evenings?  Or, perhaps you’d like your home to be less drafty and more energy efficient?  Or maybe even find ways to make St. Patrick’s Day even ‘greener’?

Whether you want to turn your brunch menu up a notch with Chef Marc Giffin’s Oeufs Hiver recipe (The Coastal); learn more about the nutritional value of winter vegetables (Canadian School of Natural Nutrition); heal with body ecology and immunity info. (Conscious Catering); build your own backyard rink; or engage in the debate of ‘local’ VS ‘organic’; we have plenty to fuel your fire this winter season.

There’s a new ‘clean’ breeze blowin’ in.  Let “Winter Winds”, our Winter Guide to Sustainable Living 2010, send some warmth your way and be the ‘Winds of Change’ you need to blow you in the direction of a more sustainable lifestyle.

Enjoy the Guide and the wonderful ‘winterland’!

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