Winter Retreat at Oak Island Resort

5 women
2 nights
1 chalet
= Good times at Oak Island Resort

On the coldest weekend of the year, we ventured along Nova Scotia’s South Shore for an all “girlz” weekend. A couple times a year, my girlfriends and I book a trip away. It could be Montreal, New York, or the Aspotogan Peninsula. We’re not fussy, anywhere we go we make our own fun. By the end of the weekend our sides hurt from laughing so much.

Sea smoke in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia CanadaThe last girls weekend was no different. We checked into a chalet at Oak Island Resort on a Friday afternoon. Cocooned from the -23C temperatures outside. The next morning, we sat next to the warmth of the fireplace, sipped coffee and watched sea smoke billowing beside Oak Island, located off in the distance in Mahone Bay. You know it’s darn cold when there’s sea smoke. This picture was taken from a chair in our living room.

Jacuzzi hot tub at Oak Island Resort in Nova Scotia CanadaWhile some of us had spa treatments, others worked out at the fully-equipped gym to be rewarded later in a refreshing swim in the pool and a soak in the hot tub. The pool and hot tub area is encased in large windows and offers a panoramic view of Mahone Bay and the marina. The sauna room was also taken advantage of, a welcome treat considering the frigid temperature outdoors.

Winter coastline at Oak Island Resort in Nova Scotia CanadaFollowing our swim and soak, a couple of us stayed behind to read a book or make an earnest attempt at the Saturday crossword. One couldn’t help but look up from the lounge chair and out at the gorgeous view. Later, we moved to the large fireplace off the main lobby where we read the newspaper and munched on a plate of sweet potatoe fries. Before sunset, one sole adventurer couldn’t resist a walk along the shore and brought back beautiful pictures to our cozy chalet.

Pirate guarding Oak Island's TreasureLegend has it that there is treasure on Oak Island. The Oak Island Money Pit, “the worlds greatest treasure hunt”, is privately owned. For 200 years, men have attempted to dig through the booby traps and unscramble a secret code that leads to the treasure. Some say it’s a hoax but others are adamant that there is gold to be found. There is a lot of debate as to how the treasure got there to begin with, yet alone who buried it. Maybe pirates? The islands investors work closely with the Oak Island Tourism Society (OITS), and promote the Oak Island Money Pit as a fascinating heritage site with the aim of ‘securing the rights to operate guided tours on Oak Island’.

While the lure of hunting for treasure was far from our minds, we had our very own treasure in the form of friendship. A treasure that is priceless. For that, I am thankful.

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