With a figure like yours…

L-A: I’m feeling a little uninspired this evening & at a loss as to what I should post. I could tell you about my weekend, but that would be an ode to the mint oreo blizzard. And as tasty as those are, they don’t really fit with this blog. So, I’m going to gently snark on celebrities. That’s a never-ending treasure trove of inspiration. Celebrities make it easy.  Let’s start with Blake Lively at the recent opening of the new Burberry offices in NYC:


Blake’s a lovely looking girl with legs that go on forever and is smartly dressed in Burberry. She looks good, no? The skirt is a wee bit short, but she is young enough with legs enough to pull it off.  So what’s my problem? My problem is that she (a) can’t be bothered to smile for the camera (more on this & the Burberry party later), and (b) she’s slouching. Let’s take a look at Exhibit B:


Again, a little hunched. When you see photos of her from actual photo shoots or see her in Gossip Girl, she makes the most of the fact that she stands 5′10″ (according to IMDB. How do they know these things?).  But catch her at an event and she seems like she doesn’t know what to do with her height.  I’m going to go completely geeky on you here and quote Pride and Prejudice as it seems like apt advice for Blake: Oh, sit up straight, Jane! Pull your shoulders back! A man could go a long way without seeing a figure like yours, if you could only make the most of it! She does make the most of it at the recent CW Upfronts, but sadly, she does so in an bright blue romper.


At least she matches the blue in the CW logo behind her.

And a final note on that Burberry Day party:


It seems as though no one looked particularly happy to be there. Maybe because they were all wearing matching coats at some point (nice swag! I’d be smiles if I was given such a coat just for showing up at a party). Or maybe because rumour has it that the booze ran out by 9.30 (quelle horror!).  Or maybe because they were disturbed to see Penn Badgley’s playoff beard:


I don’t watch hockey, but I hope that’s a playoff beard. Otherwise, no excuse for such bad facial hair at a swank party.

AllyG: I find this post very inspired! Particulary the romper. Yes, I like rompers (not on myself, mind you, but if I looked like Blake Lively I would wear Rompers every day). As I am preparing to run off to an appointment, I will proceed with the publication of this post and will provide my deep thoughts later. I know, I know, it’s hard to be away from you too.

L-A: I’m a little disturbed that you like the romper. Sure Blake has the kind of body that lets a girl wear a romper, but I’m not sure that is an excuse for sporting a romper – particularly to an event.  But that might be a post for another day.

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