With Bite: Lazy Sunday Brunch At The Carleton

Our diva of delicasies, Kristen Pickett, has a few new blog postings over at With Bite, including a quick roundup of brunch at the Carleton in Halifax.  From the article:

“After a looooooong morning meeting at a local coffee shop, I met a friend for brunch and a stroll. After much consideration, as well as encountering several closed restaurants in the process, we ended up on the corner of Prince and Argyle. Sidebar- WHY are so many restaurants who have Sunday Brunch on their menus CLOSED for Sunday brunch?!? Anyhow, after a quick browse over the Carleton’s brunch menu, we settled in at a table by the window and cozied up to our twin Americanos.”

Read this and more over at With Bite.

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