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Wmcfw Outfit Flashback

Taking a quick look back at some of the outfits I wore during World Master Card Fashion Week in Toronto.  All these photos were snapped using the Samsung GS5 phone.

Yeah, you can go ahead and pick your jaw up off the floor. You’re excused.

So crazy right? I’ve been an iphone girl for what feels like the better part of my adult life, and I have to say this Samsung was AH-MAZING during the week of photos, shows, and tweeting, texting, and instagraming at Fashion Week! The phone is beeeeeeeautiful, and takes the most amazing photos and videos! Initially I kept switching back and forth between my iPhone, and the Samsung, and I gotta say my little iphone 4? I think? just wasn’t cutting it.  It quickly got abandoned.
Soooooo anyways if you’re thinking about making the switch drop me a line, and I can give you a run through of reasons lol Or just go see the phone in real life because seeing is believing. My only criticism is beauty face, and for those who have the phone already you know exactly what I’m talking about. I gotta figure out how to disable that (if possible). 
Okay right! SO what I’m wearing! 
Look 1: Quite literally wearing head to toe Le Chateau (during their food truck party no less) except my beck and boosh necklace. Here’s where you can get the pieces. Sweater Coat: available here | White Dress: available here | Leather boots: available here | Purse w/ removable strap: available in a bunch of colors here |
Look 2: Bodysuit: American Apparel | Jeans: c/o Marshalls | Boots: Le Chateau | Leather-like Jacket: Le Chateau | Sweater: Marshalls | Wrap Bracelet worn as Necklace: c/o Beck And Boosh | Sunnies: Le Chateau |
Look 3: Blazer: Forever 21 | Silk Blouse: c/o Vince Camuto | Trousers: H&M | boots: H&M | Necklace: 424 Fifth | Sunnies: Le Chateau | Bag: Winners | Earrings: Swarovski |
What do you think blog reader? Which look is your favorite? Thanks to my blogger babe Mo (lion-hunter.com) for snapping these photos for me during the week! Miss you already girl. 
Happy Friday! 
x Short Presents

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