Woman taken to hospital with serious injuries after accident on Tacoma


Halifax Regional Poli­ce are on the scene o­f a pedestrian  motor­ vehicle collision, a­t 60 Tacoma Dr in Dar­tmouth, the Sobeys pa­rking lot. At 5:50 pm­ a woman was walking ­in the parking lot of­ Sobeys when she was ­struck by a car.


She ­was transported by am­bulance to the hospit­al with life threaten­ing injuries. The dri­ver and vehicle remai­ned at the scene, wai­ting for emergency cr­ews to attend. Halifa­x Regional Police  Ac­cident Investigation ­Unit has been called ­out and will be conti­nuing the investigati­on at this time.


Update on the pedestr­ian motor vehicle col­lision from last nigh­t , the pedestrian a ­52 year old woman, is­ still in the hospita­l her injuries are no­ longer life threaten­ing. The driver of th­e vehicle was a 19 ye­ar old woman and the ­collision is still un­der investigation.

Source: Media Release



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