Word of the Day: Snood

L-A: Well, Wee BabyG conspired against his mom last night, so it’s just me today.  And I’m clearly dropping the ball by posting this so late.  Ally is totally going to kick me off the blog. But I’m hoping that she so busy being an awesome mom that she won’t notice. And I’m hoping that y’all will forgive me if I promise to be an awesome blogger for the rest of the week.

So, I learned a lesson in fashion this past week thanks to the tweets of Refinery29. But I need to take it back a few months before I share the lesson with you. Earlier this fall, our favourite internet window shopping site Net-a-Porter (full of shiny things like dresses that cost the same as three months’ rent) introduced the Snood to me. That would be scarf + hood.

Basically, it’s a cashmere tube by Burberry. You wear it as a scarf or you can pull it up over your head like a hood.  I was suspicious when I first saw it. Partly because I fear it means a lot of people will spend almost $300 to look stupid (I’m sure there are a handful of people who can pull this look off, but I’m pretty sure it is a limited number). I’m also suspicious of the name. I don’t really dig these fashion mash ups (jeggings, anyone?) and there isn’t an ‘N’ in either scarf or hood. If you must mash the two words together, it should be a “scood” or a “shood”. But not a “snood”.

Turns out there is another reason it shouldn’t be a snood:


(Don’t you love my Perez Hilton style photoshopping?)

Snood isn’t just a dumb name – it already exists!


Not my style, but definitely less stupid looking than what Burberry is calling a snood.  They also cost a hell of a lot less. Like $8 at Pretty Things Boutique.  Or you can make your own if you’re handy with crochet hook.

So there you have it. Your fashion lesson for the day: a snood is a fancy hairnet that dates back to the Middle Ages, not a silly looking scarf/hood combo. You can wear the scarf/hood thing, but you should call it something else, lest you confuse someone. Like a wartime factory employee.

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