World Breastfeeding Week

Today's guest post has been submitted by Sarah MacDonald from Public Health. Thanks Sarah!

Breastfeeding baby

“I thought breastfeeding was supposed to be easy.”

This is something we, at Public Health, hear from moms all the time. We know that every mother and baby learn to breastfeed together. For some it comes easily, while others have more questions or concerns. Often, other mothers who are breastfeeding – or who have breastfed – are some of the best sources of support and information.  

World Breastfeeding Week, October 1 to 7, kicks off with a call to mothers and families to come out to celebrate breastfeeding at the global breastfeeding challenge on October 3. The global breastfeeding challenge celebrates, encourages and supports women in their choice to breastfeed, so come out, if you can, and have some fun with other mothers. There will be music, snacks, prizes and more! For details, visit

Breastfeeding moms now also have a new place to go online. The Department of Health Promotion and Protection is launching a new website on October 1st. This website is a great place for moms to share their stories and support each other, and to find information about breastfeeding support that’s available in communities across Nova Scotia.

So come out to the challenge on Saturday, check out the new website and celebrate all the moms out there who are learning with their babies – and supporting each other as they do it.

Mona McMahon, Public Health nurse    Sarah MacDonald, Health Promotion Coordinator Launches

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